Ava Phillippe Set The Record Straight On Her Sexuality During Pride, And Fans Are Here For It

Ava Phillippe is setting the record straight on her sexuality.

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You might remember, she first addressed her sexuality during an Instagram AMA in 2022. After someone asked if she liked "boys or girls," Ava wrote, "I'm attracted to… people! (Gender is whatever)."

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You would think that was clear enough, but apparently, people were still confused (with some failing to realize she meant gender is whatever, as in it doesn't matter to her), which is why Ava hopped online to straighten it out once and for all.

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Taking to Instagram, she wrote, "Once upon a time, some gal on the internet said 'gender is whatever' in reference to her own sexuality. Many took her words out of context, but she knew what she meant."

Actress Ava Phillippe on the red carpet, wearing a strapless, embellished dress at the Critics' Choice Awards
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"Anyways, this is her post for the first day of pride month 2024," Ava continued, attaching a picture of her waving a rainbow scarf to the post.

Closeup of Ava Phillippe
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She also wished a "Happy Pride Month" to "my LGBTQ+ community" and the haters in the comments in a subsequent IG story.

Ava Phillippe on a beach doing a peace sign for a Pride Month celebration; includes text about haters, allies, the block button, and supporting the LGBTQ+ community

Though, as you can see, the comments mainly included love and positivity.

Alyssa Milano on social media: "This picture made me smile so big. Happy pride!" with a rainbow emoji
Screenshot of a comment by Phillip Picardi that says, "YOU BETTER TELL US ❤️❤️❤️" with 19 likes
Savannahfergusonk commented, "Oh my god this is adorable. Happy pride month!!!" with two rainbow emojis and received 55 likes
Instagram comment by user coryaaronscott: "You’re amazing !!! love this and you" with heart, clapping hands, rainbow flag, and kiss emojis

And if there's still any confusion, she liked this comment, too.

Comment explaining that the subject doesn’t care about gender and celebrates pride

There you have it. Happy Pride, everyone!

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