Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels: Everyone who has been voted off

With $500,000 up for grabs, competition is fierce. Unfortunately, these players didn't make the cut.

The most gruelling and intense reality TV competition is back for another season, with Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels premiering on Network 10 on January 29th.

Guided yet again by longtime host Jonathan LaPaglia - aka JLP - the brave souls taking part in this year’s competition will face the extreme weather conditions of Samoa and, of course, the nail-biting tribal councils.

The Rebels team from Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels
The Rebels team from Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, JLP said that the aforementioned councils are the toughest part of his job.

“Tribals can go for a couple hours,” he said. “Keeping track of 24 different stories and trying to extract the right information without blowing up the players’ games is incredibly difficult.

“But when you land on the right question and suddenly the tribal opens up, it’s so fun to sit back and enjoy the show.”

The Titans team of Castaways from Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels.
The Titans team of Castaways from Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels.

And, as any Survivor aficionado knows, at the end of the tribal council, comes an elimination where someone’s torch is snuffed out and they are officially voted off the island, their dreams of scoring that $500,000 prize dashed.


This season, the castaways come from diverse backgrounds spanning lawyers, sports agents, powerlifters, bounty hunters, teachers, and firefighters - but who has what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast everyone to become the Sole Survivor?

Well, it’s none of these folks - here is everyone who has been voted off of Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels so far.


Australian Survivor's Eden.
Eden was sent home after Jaden flipped on him in the revote. Photo: Channel 10

Cinema manager and Survivor super fan became the 13th person sent home this season after a tribal council revote saw him receive seven votes compared to Raymond’s five.

“I was all going my way but someone flipped,” he said following his exit, completely unaware that Jaden was the one who wrote his name down in the revote.


 Australian Survivor's Winna.
Winna was completely blindsided at tribal council. Photo: Channel 10

In the first official vote post-merge, Valeria and Mark planned to target Kitty’s closest ally, Caroline. However, Kitty and Caroline joined forces with Feras and his alliance and successfully voted out Winna at tribal council.

“I’m a competitive eater and I think I could eat maybe like 25 humble pies right now,” the TikTok star said after his elimination. “My alliance were clearly outnumbered and they’re going to need to do a bit of work now moving forward.”


Australian Survivor's Scott.
Scott decided to withdraw from the game following the merge. Photo: Channel 10

While there were plenty of chaotic plans in the works following the merge, Scott made the emotional decision to quit as he didn’t feel like he was “mentally in the game right now”.

“You have no idea how bad my head’s been these last 24 hours and the war that’s going on up there. So I don’t think I’d feel right sitting here in potentially someone else’s stool after tonight,” he said during tribal council.

His fellow castaways began tearing up as JLP said there was no need to vote and the art director had his torch snuffed.


Australian Survivor's Kelli
The Titans sent Kelli home in a unanimous vote. Photo: Channel 10

With tribal merge just a few days away, Kirby made the decision to vote out fan-favourite Kelli as she didn’t see her as a strong strategic player.

Surprisingly, Kirby managed to team up with her rival Feras and unite their allies to send the psychologist home in a unanimous vote.

“Unfortunately I got discredited by being too silly and too fun,” Kelli said after leaving the game. “There was a lot of patronising going on of Kel, but you know what? It's all good, it's all great."


Australian Survivor's Charles.
Litigation lawyer Charles was sent home following a wild tribal council. Photo: Channel 10

Host JLP introduced a wild twist at tribal council that saw the entire Titans tribe participate in a last-minute challenge where only 3 people would win the right to cast a vote and be safe from elimination.

Aileen, Feras and Kirby were the winners of the challenge, throwing a massive spanner in the majority alliance’s plan to split the vote between Aileen and Feras.

Winna then made a bold move to throw himself under the bus in the hopes of receiving Aileen and Feras’ votes so he could play his hidden immunity idol for himself and Kirby’s vote for Raymond would be the only one that counted. However, the duo made the clever decision to split the vote between Winna and Charles, meaning they had to revote before ultimately sending Charles home.

“The Survivor gods were not on my side tonight,” he said after the mind-boggling tribal council.


Australian Survivor's Garrick.
Feras refused to play his hidden immunity idol for Garrick, which sent him home. Photo: Channel Nine

The Titans trio consisting of Winna, Charles and Valeria decided to take control of the beach and vote out Feras’ number one ally, loss prevention officer Garrick.

Garrick was aware he would be the likely target and tried to convince Feras to play his hidden immunity idol for him, but ended up having his torch snuffed.

“Feras was still quietly confident that we had the numbers, I knew we didn't," Garrick said after leaving the game. “No hard feelings at all, at the end of the day it was his and, if I had that idol, I would probably be somewhat apprehensive to play it for another person.”


Australian Survivor’s Sarah.
The ‘middle-aged mafia’ blindsided Sarah at tribal council. Photo: Channel 10

While Mark wanted to orchestrate a blindside against Caroline to avenge his ally Viola, the ‘middle-aged mafia’ caught wind of his plan and put their votes on firefighter Sarah rather than splitting between Sarah and Rianna.

Rianna seemingly got confused by the multiple plans being discussed and voted for Mark at tribal council, which prevented the vote from going to a tie and ended up sending Sarah home.

“I’m usually the one putting out flames, but tonight my flame got put out,” Sarah said after leaving the game.


Australian Survivor's Viola.
Viola was blindsided by the 'middle-aged mafia'. Photo: Channel 10

Fan-favourite Viola was blindsided by the ‘middle-aged mafia’ - consisting of Caroline, Kitty and Eden - after a tribe swap switched up the game and separated her from her closest ally Valeria.

The trio suspected that fellow Titan Mark had grown closer to Viola and Valeria than their alliance and managed to convince the entire tribe to send Viola home at tribal council.

“When it happened I was like, I knew it! I knew it… they got me before I could get them,” Viola said following her exit from the game. “I got got.”


Australian Survivor's Nathan.
Caroline orchestrated a plan to vote Nathan out of the Titans tribe. Photo: Channel 10

AFL agent Nathan was voted out of the Titans tribe after midwife Caroline orchestrated a plan to target the “bigger boys” who helped out the least around camp.

While Mark tried to rally his tribemates to vote against Caroline, they decided not to go ahead and instead sent Nathan home with five votes.

“I've had a target on my back from day one,” Nathan said after being eliminated. “The majority sort of thought maybe to pick off the most dangerous threat going forward in the game."


Australian Survivor's Tobias.
Builder Tobias was blindsided by the Rebels tribe. Photo: Channel 10

Wanting to take more control in the Rebels tribe, sales coordinator Aileen launched a plan for the eight ‘misfits’ to vote out one of the two ‘alpha males’.

The plan was for the group to split their votes between Tobias and Alex and send Alex home on the revote, however, Kelli went against her alliance and chose to put her vote on Tobias.

"I definitely did not see that coming,” Tobias said after being blindsided. “I thought my place in that tribe was rock solid - they definitely got one over me.”


Survivor's Peta.
Bar manager Peta was the first Rebel sent home. Photo: Channel 10

The ‘cuddle crew’s plan to throw the elimination challenge to send home Kelly or Raymond backfired spectacularly when a group of the Rebels decided to blindside Peta instead.

Thinking she was in control of the game, Peta chose not to play her recently found hidden immunity idol and was sent home with 5 votes compared to 3 votes for Kelly and Raymond.

“I'm a little shocked. I'm not quite know how to take it,” she said after having her torch snuffed.

"I don't know if I've been perceived as a threat. It looks like the minorities rose up a little bit and took control."


Survivor's Jess.
Professional academic Jess was the second player voted out of the game. Photo: Channel 10

After narrowly avoiding elimination at the first tribal council, Jess put a target on her back when she claimed to be the mastermind behind Frankie’s blindside.

Her plan to vote out Eden the following night then fell through and she became the second player voted out of the game.

“I don't know who betrayed me in the end, I thought I had found a friendship group but they turned against me," Jess said following her elimination.

“Being a very open and honest person, and being transparent about my approach put a target on my back. I was just playing to my personality and it turns out that maybe that's not built for Survivor."


Salon owner Frankie was sent home at the first tribal council of the season. Photo: Channel 10
Salon owner Frankie was sent home at the first tribal council of the season. Photo: Channel 10

Salon owner Frankie became the first castaway sent home after her plan with fellow Titan Nathan to vote out professional academic Jess backfired.

Frankie received a total of 7 votes while Jess copped 4 votes in a surprising move orchestrated by cinema area manager Eden.

“Honestly I didn't know what happened. I got a bit blindsided there. I would be lying if I didn't say I was disappointed," Frankie shared after leaving the game.

"I always knew going in that I would appear as a big personality, a big threat, I guess at the end of the day I may have played some people the wrong way."

Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels begins on Monday, 29 January at 7.30 pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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