Aussie woman amazes with mind-boggling yoga poses

Meet the Australian woman who has accumulated 1.4 million followers on Instagram by posting amazing photos of her mind-boggling yoga poses.

Sydney woman Sjana Elise’s Instagram is littered with perfect yoga photos in front of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, beautiful Byron Bay beaches and Insta-worthy Californian sunsets.

The 22-year-old told Yahoo Lifestyle her passion for taking photos of her poses started when she began to get curious about whether or not she could contort her body into some of the shapes.

“I have always had a passion for photography, and I began merging the two together and taking self-timer images of my yoga poses (mostly on beaches at sunrise)” Sjana explained.

“I never anticipated it would grow to this extent. Instagram’s raging future wasn’t exactly known at this point, and I was using it purely for self-expression and creativity.”

And while it might look like Sjana has spent hours perfecting the ultimate shot for the ‘Gram, she claims she usually just takes one photo of a pose.

“I take the images myself, usually just on a self-timer app on my phone,” Sjana said.

“And I’m too lazy to take multiple attempts.”

Sjana is a massive yogi and credits it for giving her a connection and awareness with herself.

“I love that it is a practice for your body, mind and soul. It’s like the all-inclusive workout,” she said.

Not only does Sjana have an incredible array of bikinis but she has a killer figure to match, which she says comes from ‘living a full and vibrant life’.

“I love being active, moving my body, getting outside and pushing my physical limits,” she said.

“I don’t exercise to look a certain way. I exercise because of the way it makes me feel.”

Along with practicing yoga, Sjana runs to feels energised, walks to ‘soothe’ her soul and also surfs, hikes, cycles in the sun.

When it comes to her diet, Sjana fuels her body with ‘whole, natural and colourful foods from the earth’.

“My meals differ every day. I am a firm believer in intuitive eating and listening to our bodies,” she explained.

“Personally, I eat a large variety of plant-based foods, and try to eat as much from the earth as I can, and less from a packet.

“And it’s because of this lifestyle that I never actually think about ‘keeping in shape’.

“I think if you’re a human who can run and adventure and explore and laugh and live life with vivacity and excitement, then you’re in shape.”

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