Aussie swim star’s GF reveals secret romance

Norwegian swimmer Ingeborg Løyning has confirmed her low-profile 12-month relationship with high-profile swimmer Kyle Chalmers.
Norwegian swimmer Ingeborg Loyning is dating Aussie swim star Kyle Chalmers.

Adelaide-based Norwegian swimmer Ingeborg Loyning has confirmed her secret 12-month relationship with Australian star Kyle Chalmers.

In an interview with Norwegian broadcaster TV2, Loyning said the couple had been dating for about a year.

“Yes, we are a couple. We have been there for quite some time, since around December,” Loyning said.

“That is not the whole reason but one of the reasons why I went down to train in Australia.”

The 23-year-old moved from Norway to Adelaide in 2022 in preparation for the Paris Olympics. She told the news channel that her and Chalmers, 25, were “doing very well”.

“We haven’t exactly been aware of it, but I guess there hasn’t been any need to show off the relationship,” she said.

“Swimming is big in Australia, and he prepared me that there was going to be a little more pressure than I’m used to, but so far it has been quiet and calm.”

Currently competing at the Japan Open, Chalmers wore Loyning’s Norwegian swim cap while competing in the 100m freestyle, where he produced a 48.28 win.

Chalmers was in a high-profile relationship with 11-time Olympic medallist Emma McKeon in 2021. She is now dating fellow swimmer Cody Simpson.

Chalmers, one of Australia’s most decorated swimmers, was critical of the negative media attention he received after their break-up, with reports of a love triangle while the three athletes competed at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

He said the speculation made him consider giving up the sport.

Speaking to the Soda Room podcast in October 2022, Chalmers denied any reports of a feud.

“I was going to say, now I’m done – I’m going to stay in Port Lincoln now and play country footy,” he said.

“We just broke the Commonwealth record and we won gold … and they’ve just teed off.

“It was all complete nonsense, this so-called feud. There was no feud whatsoever.”