Aussie stars react to their Logie Award nominations

The nominees for the 63rd TV Week Logie Awards have been announced, with a number of Australia’s biggest stars recognised for their work in TV over the past year.

Video transcript

- It feels bloody great. I feel-- I'm very excited. I'm very excited indeed. It's awesome.

- So exciting, right?

- Yeah.

- I can't believe it.

- Pretty surreal just to be here and to be nominated for two.

- Yeah, crazy.

- Yeah.

- I don't know. I have a good feeling. I think we have an amazing season. Obviously, some beautiful love stories. Drama, which is why we love Mass. But I know I feel good. I feel confident. Hopefully, we can take it home.

- Yeah. I'm a big supporter in like the experiment, and it working and all of that. So I really feel like I'll see them put everything like raw and open. Sorry. I mean, if that's not good reality, I don't know what it is.

- It feels-- it feels so exciting. It's this strange feeling of I don't want to look like I want too much. I really want it. So then you got to kind of get back in your casual and be like, yes, isn't it? It's a real honor, but all I'm thinking is, what would it be like? Oh. I think the end of the night is perfect for me. I'll be ready for a speech, and take that shower in a different direction. So I'm figuring I'm going to start voting in about 4 minutes.

- It's really exciting because the first time, I thought it was a mistake. When I got nominated, again, I was just like, wow, this is really cool. Now I can enjoy it because I know what to expect. And so it won't be as kind of like deer in the headlights.

- This is going to sound really ignorant, but also, I don't really watch TV. I had no idea what the Logies were. And when they told me, my publicist said, we've been nominated for a Logie, and I was like it's not a good thing? [LAUGHS] So like did a research. Really honored to be, obviously, nominated and especially as a drag queen. Currently, in Sydney and across Australia, our society is kind of rejecting us a little bit. So I think this says a lot about Australian television and also mainstream media embracing us and embracing our communities. So I'm really proud and really honored.