Aussie mum wows with Kmart kitchen makeover: 'Best hack'

Updating your kitchen can be expensive and messy, even replacing the benchtops can make a dent in the budget.

One woman recently posted her clever Kmart hack for a new benchtop on a Facebook decor group and people were chuffed.

"Used these tile rocks to redo our kitchen bench and bathroom," Emma wrote.

"Ripped them off and puzzled them on with tile adhesive and then grout. Finished off with a sealer - time-consuming but so cheap!"

A collage of the decking tiles at Kmart, a before photo of Emma's kitchen bench tops and after photo showing the new benchtops with organic tiling
The poster hacked the Kmart decking tiles to create her new kitchen benchtop. Photo: Facebook

The post has already got 2,100 likes and over 300 comments in just three days!

"Now that is the best DIY I've ever seen," one group member wrote.

"That’s a brilliant idea looks fantastic," another added.

It wasn't just her kitchen that got the upgrade either, Emma also used the tiles to redo her bathroom vanity as well.

"This is the best hack I've seen," a third person wrote, "I would LOVE to do something like this in my laundry."

With the post being so popular, Emma further broke down the process for the group:

1. Painted a primer on top of the existing bench top so the grout would stick.

2. Mixed tile adhesive and water and created a paste.

3. Used a trowel to get an even spread of grout on the bench top.

4. Pressed down rock after rock and created a puzzle. You can use bigger parts of many rocks together but avoid getting those squares.

5. Used thicker paste for the corners and pressed really hard.

6. Let it dry for 24 hours

7. Mixed more grout and poured it all on top and created an even surface with a massive sponge (Light Gray coloured grout from Dunlop)

8. Waited 1-2 min and then started very gently with the wet big sponge wiping the grout off bit by bit. Dipping the sponge in water and keep wiping it off until you can see the rocks clearly again. Don’t wipe to hard because you want to keep that even surface!

9. Let it dry for 2 days.

10. Use a foam roller to put a strong sealer on. This is very strong so leave the house for the day after and let it dry. I used “enhancing sealer” from Dunlop. You can put to layers on.

Emma's new bathroom vanity featuring the organic tiling
Emma also used the technique on her bathroom vanity unit. Photo: Facebook

"Wow that took a lot of guts to do that. I'd be scared it being a kitchen bench top and all.

"Looks awesome well done. Great hack!," one person wrote.

Emma did admit it was difficult, especially around the edges.

"You just have to pick the smallest rocks and work your way around.

"They come with really tiny ones," she said.

A splashback renovated using the same technique
Another group member was also in the process of using the same technique to update her splashback. Photo: Facebook

Even if the hack took a bit of time and grit, everyone loved the results with one group member saying "Hands down, best Kmart hack I've ever seen."

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