Aussie model on going viral with beach blooper

Bianca Soldani

With a following of over half a million, Aussie model and influencer Kristina Mendonca is pretty well known in Instagram circles, however a recent video has seen her face go global, pretty much overnight.

The clip in question shows the model working her best angles in a bikini on Bondi Beach, when all of a sudden, an older gentleman with an impressive stomach and an even larger smile, emerges from the water and strolls straight through her video, completely unaware of his surroundings.

It hit Twitter last month and predictably went viral, clocking up over 20 million views in a matter of days.

“It’s so crazy the reaction people have had,” Kristina tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “I love that I am making people laugh all around the world.”

The video has been viewed 20 million times on Twitter. Photo: Instagram/Kristina Mendonca

“I just hope that people don’t hate and know that this video was posted for the simple fact that this beautiful, sweet man had no idea he was photobombing a photo shoot and he looked like he was having the best day ever!”

No stranger to filming in public, Kristina says she gets into a headspace where she becomes completely oblivious to her surroundings and it’s “only me and the camera”.

But considering many of her shoots are in public places, she’s clocked up quite a few hilarious moments.

“This (video) is such a typical behind the scenes shot that not many people get to see,” she says.

“Usually the photographer will edit people out of the background but I like to show everyone on my Instagram what things are really like.

“Instagram is flooded with so many of the ‘perfect shots’, I say show more of the behind the scenes moments and real photos!”

She had another hilarious encounter while shooting on the Gold Coast just before the Commonwealth Games, and says, “a group of police officers came over and asked to get a photo with me.

“From what I can remember they lived out west and had been sent to work in the Gold Coast for the games. I’m sure where they are from they were not used to seeing a girl posing and going crazy in front of a camera!”

Kristina paused a shoot to take a snap with some cops on the Gold Coast Photo: Supplied

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