Auburn says it does not have a new logo after altering its logo

Eric He
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Auburn appears to have altered its logo ever so slightly, but it is causing a bit of an uproar. (Getty Images)

Your eyes do not deceive you: Auburn made changes to its logo this week.

It is small but noticeable — the white space between the “A” and “U” has disappeared. Fans are mad, with more than 2,300 people signing a petition to stop Auburn from changing its logo.

The university, in an attempt to tone down controversy, claimed that it does not have a new logo but rather a “new visual identity system.”

Uh huh.

Mike Clardy, Auburn’s assistant vice president for communications, told 247Sports that the change will “make it compatible with the many ways, especially digital, in which it is now used and to help us further elevate the Auburn brand.”

The original logo has been in place on Auburn’s football helmets since 1966. It appears that a change, even one ever so small, has irked the fanbase.

In a separate move, Auburn is reportedly also switching its font from Copperplate to Sabon. Yes, “Sabon,” one letter off from the last name of a certain rival head coach.

For all the talk about elevating the Auburn brand, the past 24 hours or so haven’t exactly been great in terms of the font and logo game.

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