Attending Fendi Men’s Show With Winston Duke

Before he begins a busy spring schedule around new film “Fall Guy,” which stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt and will premiere at SXSW, actor Winston Duke headed to Europe to take in the men’s runway shows. His main stop was Fendi, which he described as “very epic,” over the phone following the show.

“Oh my goodness, Fendi was incredible. It had a really epic quality to it, [including] the production quality of the show. So it felt very big,” Duke said. “It was actually quite interesting to watch — there was a pretty cool, clear story. And as a storyteller, that was really fun for me.”

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His favorites from the show were the leather pieces, including the leather shorts, as well as the collection’s more colorful moments.

“I’m a person that really loves color because I’m a big guy who comes from the Caribbean. I can carry color very well, and I really love to put myself in color, so I love the more colorful pieces,” he said. He also appreciated the longer cut of the coats.

“I’m almost six-foot seven, so I actually really love long coats because they really add an element of elegance to my frame. So I saw a lot of pieces that I would actually take home, that I felt very comfortable adding to my repertoire. Being this big man, I’m a very tall, very classically built man, so feeling like I can go to a runway show and that maybe 60 percent or 80 percent of the things I saw on the runway, I could wear that in my everyday life.”

Duke felt his height and build were accounted for the minute his adventure began with Fendi, as soon as he had his fitting.

“That experience was extremely positive and being over six foot, wide shoulders, I’m not going to tell you my weight, but I’m a big guy. The fitting, if it’s not something that’s bespoke, isn’t always the most fun for me. But I walked in there and I was able to find such a really great outfit,” he said. “The pants was a super, super soft fabric, and then the shirt had a lot of great structure that made me feel really comfortable and warm for winter fashion as well. And then meeting Silvia Fendi was also a really big, big highlight.”

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