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At over $140 off, this speedy Tineco wet-dry cordless vacuum is below its Black Friday price

'Literally a lifesaver, a back-saver, a time-saver,' says one convert.

Few people can say that their favorite hobby is cleaning their floors. But Amazon shoppers and TikTok users agree that Tineco vacuums at least make it easier — and a heck of a lot faster. Fans say they're especially quick while cleaning up messes big and small, but that level of skill doesn't come cheap. That's why this is such a good deal: Right now, Tineco's popular Cordless Floor One S3 Breeze wet-dry vacuum is $140 off at Amazon.

Get a vacuum and mop in one handy machine. It's self-propelled and can run for up to 35 minutes without needing a recharge.

$330 at Amazon

At $229, this wet-dry vac is nearly 40% off — and actually a little below its Black Friday price! Yes, you're getting a Black Friday price in the spring, which is certainly one way to welcome warmer weather. You're also practically getting two devices for the price of one, a boon for both your budget and your limited closet space.

The Floor One S3 Breeze has a smart sensor that detects messes and adjusts power and water flow to give you better results on hard floors. It's self-propelled and just shy of 10 pounds, so it doesn't feel hard or bulky to push around. Nonetheless, an oversized handle makes it a breeze to cruise around while you clean.

It's cordless too, so you can just pull it out, turn it on and get to work — no need to find an outlet or dance around a cord. An LED display details battery power, suction level and cleaning mode, along with app connectivity to help you track your cleaning performance and get maintenance alerts. This sleek machine can run for up to 35 minutes on one charge, giving you plenty of time to clean up.

Speaking of charging, you'll notice on the Amazon product page that there's also an S3 (no Breeze) option — these machines are similar, except for how they charge. To charge the S3 Breeze, you simply plug the wet-dry vacuum into the charger. The S3 clips into a stationary charging base that's plugged into the wall. (It also has a slightly more powerful motor.)

Your floors will sparkle and shine in half the time! (Amazon)
Your floors will sparkle and shine in half the time! (Amazon)

More than 10,000 Amazon shoppers rave about the Floor One S3 Breeze's cleaning might, giving it a five-star rating.

"Mopping used to be one of my least favorite chores, a necessary evil that I avoided like the plague," shared one of those five-star fans. "I felt guilty about my dirty floors when I had a newly crawling baby, but I still couldn't bring myself to do it as frequently as I needed to. This machine? Literally a lifesaver, a back-saver, a time-saver, and will become your new best friend. I'd give 6 stars if I could."

A fellow happy customer said it's "what dreams are made of." They added, "I haven't loved a product this much in a very long time. It's agile, it's light, it's easy to use, it's easy to take apart, it's easy to clean, and most of all it does a great job on my ceramic tile and laminate floors! It has replaced my vacuum, Swiffer, broom and mop for regular maintenance cleaning!"

Yet another blissed-out owner called this vacuum "magic." They continued, "Not only does it pick everything up — dust, fur, hair, crumbs, Nature's Miracle, errant Cheerios — but because the wheels are motorized, vacuuming/mopping is a breeze."

Unlike a regular vacuum, you have to clean out this wet-dry vacuum's tanks after each use. (To be fair, you have to do this with any other electric mop or floor cleaner too.) Otherwise, it can get a little smelly and maybe even moldy if you leave it long enough.

"There is a feature that says it will self-clean and the brush will spin, but first you have to thoroughly clean the dirty water tank, the brush and the port to the dirty water tank," shared one customer. "You also need to refill the water and cleaning solution. You then need to immediately empty the dirty water tank, remove the brush shield, and prop the brush up to vent or it will start to smell awful. But, do I use this frequently? Yes. Do I clean this more than any other appliance? Absolutely!"

"My main problem is the cleanup," said another Amazon shopper. "Taking this thing completely apart after every single use is grueling. And you better not forget to clean it for even a few hours or it will smell so bad."

An LED display helps you to keep tabs on the action. This mopping vac is even connected to an app, so you can monitor cleaning performance over time.

$330 at Amazon

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