Arnold Schwarzenegger says he feeds Chris Pratt’s children the same food he gives his animals

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed the amusing tradition he shares with his granddaughters when they come over to visit.

The former California governor, 76, appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday 31 January, where he opened up about his relationship with daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger and son-in-law Chris Pratt’s two daughters: Lyla and Eloise. Speaking to host Fallon, Schwarzenegger explained that he often feeds his granddaughters the same oatmeal cookie treats he feeds his family of pets.

“Katherine and Chris, her husband, they come over to the house at least, I think, once a week,” the Terminator star said about his eldest daughter Katherine’s two daughters, adding that they “have a great time” playing with his animals.

“I put them on the back of the miniature donkey,” Schwarzenegger continued, before noting that one of his granddaughters wanted to ride his pet pig. “I said, ‘You don’t ride the pigs.’ They’re lovable pigs, though,” he told Fallon.

The Predator actor then described his daily routine with his pets, which includes baking them oatmeal cookies made out of honey, bananas, and oatmeal. While the oatmeal cookies were originally intended for his two horses, Lulu and Whiskey, Schwarzenegger soon learned that his entire brood enjoys the cookies - including his granddaughters.

“When Katherine comes over with my grandchildren, they then stand in line. So I give a cookie to Lulu, then I give a cookie to Dutch. I give a cookie to Schnitzel. I give a cookie to the pig, and the two girls there, like this, just like the animals,” he explained, as he pretended to open his mouth wide like Lyla and Eloise.

Speaking to Fallon, Schwarzenegger revealed the names of his beloved animals, which includes three dogs, two miniature horses, a donkey, and a pig. “I have three dogs, Cherry, I call her Noodle, she is the little one. She’s 15 years old,” the former bodybuilder said. “Then I have Dutch, which is a Malamute. Then I have Schnitzel, which is a wonderful female - a big, big monster dog.

“Then I have the miniature horses, the miniature pony, Lulu and Whiskey,” he continued. “It’s just fantastic, those animals. And the pig, which is a new edition. We’ve had the pig now for almost a year and that pig is really fun. And he loves to eat.”

Schwarzenegger’s eldest daughter, Katherine, welcomed her first child - daughter Lyla Maria - with the Guardians of the Galaxy actor in August 2020. The couple, who were married in June 2019, later welcomed their second daughter Eloise Christina in May 2022. Pratt also shares 11-year-old son Jack with ex-wife Anna Faris.

The Expendables actor has previously opened up about life as a grandfather. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!in February 2022, Schwarzenegger described becoming a grandparent as one of the “easiest things” he’s had to do.

“I’ll tell you one thing that it is the easiest thing to be a grandfather,” he said. “Because they come over to the house, you play with Lyla for around an hour or two. I put her on the horse, I put her with the dog, I play with the dog, and after two hours, they leave. Over.”

“It’s fantastic, I tell you. I have a great time when they come over to the house,” Schwarzenegger added, before describing Pratt as a “fantastic guy” and “a great son-in-law”.