AriZona Tea Unveils Refreshing Treat Just in Time for Hotter Weather

Arizona Tea

The popular tea brand AriZona is launching a new frozen treat just in time for the temperatures to start heating up.

Many fans already consider AriZona’s iced tea to be a perfect hot-weather refreshment. But now the beverage company is upping the ante with ice pops. The tasty frozen refreshments will be available in three fan-favorite flavors.

Boxes of Arizona’s new ice pops are already heading to store shelves, according to food blogger Snackolator.

Images of the ice pop boxes that Snackolator shared on Instagram show a large AriZona logo hovering over colorful images of tangerine, magenta and pink ice pops. The treats will be available in the brand’s Mucho Mango, Fruit Punch and Watermelon flavors, Snackolator revealed.

Though the ice pops are already making their way into markets across the U.S., Snackolator warned fans it could take “a few weeks” before the rollout is complete. Once the ice pops are in stock, the brand's suggested retail price is $4.99.

One fan informed Snackolator on Instagram that they already spotted the new ice pops at their local grocery store. Another said they’d previously made their own ice pops using AriZona tea before the brand’s take on the frozen treats "were a thing.”

A couple of fans responded to the ice pop news by posting excited emojis, while another seemed eager to try out the new treats, writing, “Oh absolutely going broke today.”

AriZona first announced its new ice pops last fall. The brand’s founder and chairman, Don Vultaggio, said the company wants to “revolutionize the frozen novelty space,” while its CEO, Abid Rizvi, said the team behind AriZona is “proud” of the new products, according to Food Dive.

“AriZona fans love seeing us in different parts of the store,” Rizvi said in October 2023, according to the food industry news outlet.

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