Aries Daily Horoscope – 30 December 2022

Mercury in Capricorn has been standing still (“stationing”) at 24 degrees and will turn retrograde later this morning. Most astrologers would agree that this is a good time to back up your files and to allow messages a little more time to arrive at their intended destinations. Whilst this general advice will serve you well any time of year, there are a few more considerations to prepare for as Mercury does its about-face.
One of the main things to watch out for during Mercury retrograde season is your tendency to speak without thinking things through properly.  This becomes particularly tricky in the workplace where the chances of someone saying or doing the wrong thing is likely to rub you the wrong way and you can’t help but provide a knee-jerk response. It would serve you well to remember to take a deep breath (or perhaps several) before you provide everyone with something to remember for the foreseeable future.
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