Aries Daily Horoscope – 26 March 2024

In the early hours of yesterday morning, a lunar eclipse (visible in London) had taken place. Eclipses usually happen in pairs and they typically signify the end of something old and the beginning of something new. You may feel slightly out of sorts as you adjust to changes around you. Today may be a good day to take some time out to be extra nice to yourself and others.

With this eclipse Full Moon in Libra in your solar 7th house, the emphasis is on relationships. By now, you have enough life experience that you understand you simply can’t change other people because you don’t like or understand what they’re doing. This doesn’t mean you won’t try and it certainly doesn’t guarantee that you won’t upset a few people. Working with—and accepting–other people as they are is always a big lesson for you. Listen, watch and learn how to do it better.

PS We’re moving into eclipse season, so it’s a peak manifesting period! If you want to get ready to make wishes that will actually work at the time of the April 8 New Moon eclipse, sign up for my free, 30 minute web class here!

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