Aries Daily Horoscope – 25 April 2024

For you Mercury retrograde this time around is taking place in your Image and Self Zone. Yes, Mercury is actually going backwards in YOUR sign. In some ways, this is just one Giant Opportunity coming your way. More of that in a moment. First of all let’s deal with the downside of it. For one thing, Mercury going backwards in your sign is like having someone play your thoughts and your speech backwards. Do you know what I mean? Probably not. When Mercury goes backwards in your sign (and therefore over your Sun) it’s hard for other people to get what on earth you are talking about and for you to communicate your thoughts to them. And if you’re already feeling it, that’s normal too. The cycle can and often does kick in before it officially starts (if you want to know why, Google “Mercury storm” or “Mercury shadow period” and you should get some answers). The other downside is that if you’re travelling, you need to be VERY well organised because you’re likely to find yourself taking detours neither you nor your travel agent saw coming – take a spare pair of undies and a bottle of water! The good news about this cycle is that you get a chance to rethink, revisit, review. If you’re about to make a big decision – anything from making up or breaking up with someone, starting or leaving a job, buying or selling a home etc – you should find yourself getting the extra info you need to make a solid decision you feel secure with. PS This is also the IDEAL time to change your image. We’re talking superfical appearances – hair, weight, wardrobe, business cards, website etc.
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