Aries Daily Horoscope – 01 January 2022

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Happy new year!

May it be an amazing year for you! Today’s forecast gives you a taste of the happier times to come in the year ahead.
Relationships If you haven’t been valuing yourself highly in enough in relationships, you can change that this year. Once you value yourself more, others will too. Moreover, lucky Jupiter in your sign for the first time in 12 years (between May and October, and again in December) will simply make you more popular with everyone.
Career Start the year by working through any fears you know you have around being successful. What holds you back? Consider talking to a counsellor if you know that’s what it’ll take to clear your success blocks. May takes you on a new career trajectory towards professional accolades.
Wellness 2022 should be a lot happier and easier than the past few years but remember this; overall, despite all the razzamatazz coming your way (comparative to 2020 and 2022) you are still first and foremost in a healing cycle. So make healing one of your priorities for the year ahead.

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