Father of 64 welcomes five more babies during coronavirus

A very fruitful maths professor has welcomed five new offspring into the world since coronavirus hit, and the bundles of joy have bought his child tally up to a staggering 64.

New Yorker Ari Nagel is known as the ‘sperminator’ for the many and varied women he has helped conceive for years, and he hasn’t let something like a global pandemic slow him down.

Ari Nagel sperm donor tales plane to father children
Ari Nagel has fathered 64 children around the globe. Photo: Facebook/ Ari Nagel

The father to now 64 children told the New York Post he has hopes of plenty more on the way after meeting with four women in his Brooklyn home during the lockdown period.

“I haven’t done a lot of baking or spring cleaning in quarantine,” ­Nagel told the publication, “But I’ve been productive in other ways.”

The professor of maths at City University New York has met just one of the five bubs who have entered a locked-down world.

Of the five, three were born in the US, while one boy was born in South East Asia and one girl in Ghana.

With lockdown measures firmly in place for the past month in Ari’s New York home, the dad says he helped four women who visited his apartment, though demand for his very productive sperm has slowed somewhat due to the situation.

“There was a period in mid-April when nobody reached out,” he told the publication.

“I don’t remember the last time it was this quiet, except in 2018 when I was on vacation...”

How Ari interacts with 64 children

Not that the dad hasn’t got his hands full with several dozen offspring, some of whom he looks after on a regular basis.

He takes care of two of his daughters who live close by once a week, and has tried to visit each of his babies at some point, posting prolifically to social media with scores of his mini-mes.

Ari Nagel poses with two pregnant women he donated sperm to
Ari has helped more than 60 women fall pregnant, here pictured in 2017. Photo: Twitter/ProfessorAri

He reportedly has requests from women and couples desperate to conceive and looking for an alternative to costly IVF treatments and adoption almost constantly.

He says he is regularly flown around for his services, only expecting a free plane ticket for his baby-making services, something that has been helped by the current situation.

“Now that flights are so cheap, women are coming out of the woodwork,” he said.

It looks like he may be hitting three-digit family status sooner than expected, with his pre-pandemic social media peppered with flights to locations both within the US and as far as Mexico, Morroco and Belgium.

How does Ari Nagel father children?

For those wondering about the nitty-gritty of it all, the dad has been open about providing women with fresh samples of sperm, often in a menstrual cup that they will then insert themselves, though in the past he said he kept it old fashioned.

The 44-year-old has also weathered some criticism and controversy, with five women successfully suing Ari for child support and some raised eyebrows after he donated to an 18-year-old woman living in a homeless shelter back in 2018.

Both Ari and the woman defended the decision at the time, and Ari says he is motivated by a desire to help women become mums however they want to.

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