Arby’s Just Launched 3 New Menu Items and Brought Back a Fan Fave

Fans of McDonald’s discontinued Snack Wraps, rejoice!



There are wrap sandwiches, and then there are snack wraps. A wrap sandwich is a full-sized sandwich wrapped in a tortilla, like a BLT wrap or a Buffalo chicken wrap. A snack wrap—a term made famous by McDonald's when it offered its now-discontinued Snack Wraps that fans keep hoping will return—is smaller in size and price. Snack wraps are a handheld, in-between-meals nibble.

McDonald's doesn't seem to be budging on bringing back its original Snack Wraps, but other restaurants have jumped in, adding snack wrap-ish items to their menus. Most recently, Bojangles introduced a twist on the category: the Bird Dog. It's about the same size as a Snack Wrap and serves the same function, but it's on a hot dog bun instead of a tortilla.

Nipping at the Bird Dog's heels, Arby's is now entering the smaller, snack-sized handheld game with three new wraps that are small in size but big on flavor.

Arby’s New Breaded Chicken Wraps

Arby's isn't calling its new breaded chicken wraps Snack Wraps. We imagine McDonald's would have a problem with that. They're just calling them wraps, but make no mistake—they are snack-sized. Each wrap holds one breaded chicken tender, lettuce, and Cheddar cheese, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. Customers can choose ranch, barbecue, or honey mustard sauces on the wrap.

These limited-time nibbles are two for $5, and Arby's has confirmed it intends to keep its snack-sized wraps around for the entire summer.



Arby’s Orange Cream Shake Is Back, Too

Is there anything better to wash down a chicken wrap in the heat of summer than a shake? We didn’t think so. Arby’s also recently brought back its seasonal Orange Cream Flavored Shake with whipped topping. The creamy orange shake joins chocolate, Jamocha, and vanilla-flavored shakes on Arby’s dessert menu.

According to the Arby’s menu, its shakes are just $1.99 a piece, making your mid-afternoon or late-night two wraps and a shake run just $7. That sounds like a reasonable price for summer snacking. 



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