Aquarius Daily Horoscope – 25 April 2024

For you Mercury retrograde this time around is taking place in your Communications Zone. In theory, this makes you one of the signs most completely susceptible to this reverse cycle. That’s because Mercury is the planet of communications and travel, and he’s going backwards in the part of your chart associated with … communications and travel. If you think that sounds like a double dose of Mercury retrograde, you’re right! You can expect more mix ups and misunderstandings than usual. If and when they happen, though, if you can try to be resolute and calm, they really needn’t be the end of the world. It’s more likely that you will find this period annoying rather than anything more serious than that. That’s the not so good way to view this cycle. The more positive way to look at it is that Mercury going backwards here gives you a chance to rethink someone or something that you’d written off. If there’s a converdsation you really should have had some time ago, this is your second (second-last) chance to say your piece. This is also an excellent time to doing any kind of research but not such a great time to act on your findings. That time comes at the end of the reverse cycle in a few weeks time. Gather your info now and cogitate on it. You might find some of the facts coming to light very useful.
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