Aquarius Daily Horoscope – 21 May 2024

There is a major astrological alignment this week as Jupiter meets Neptune. Best possible scenario is we all get a little bit more enlightened. Worst is someone could try and trick you! This is a major alignment… the effects will last a lot more than 24 hours…
As a AQUARIUS, this is great news for you financially. Neptune is in your 2nd House of cash, property and possessions so you’re in a cycle whereby you can use your gut instinct when it comes to money matters. Don’t be too devastated if things don’t go your way re cash straight away – trust that what is meant to be is going to be in this part of your life and in fact in every part. Aquarians who earn their living through doing work related to inspiring others, to music, water, art or dreams, poetry or hospitals all have excellent Stars.
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