This Is What April’s Full Moon—The Pink Moon—Means for You

April's full pink moon

April may bring about May flowers, but it’s also the time of the year when the full Pink Moon appears overhead. Thanks to its dreamy name, one would imagine it would have a pastel, Barbie-like hue that would make it stand out from other full moons. Though, sadly, that’s not the case and a pink iridescence doesn’t illuminate the starry night when it rises.

To find out more about the Pink Moon, we spoke to astrologist and author of Navigating the Cosmic Streets: A Mercury Retrograde Survival GuideAmber Mitchell. She explains that the moon’s moniker has nothing to do with its actual coloring—instead, it pays tribute to the beautiful shades that start to pop up on Earth around the time it comes out. “The Pink Moon gets its name from the pink moss, or ground phlox flowers, that are native to North America,” she shares. “This perennial flower’s bloom is one of the early indications of the return of spring.”

Besides the nature associations, Mitchell tells Parade the tint is also linked to astrology. “The color pink is also associated with Venus, which is relevant because the Pink Moon will always have some influence from Venus since it tends to either arrive during Aries season, so the moon is in Libra (ruled by Venus), or it occurs in Taurus season (ruled by Venus) with the moon in Scorpio,” she reveals. “This invites us to honor the feminine energy that nurtures the seeds we plant during the spring.”

To learn more about April’s Pink Moon and everything that comes along with it, keep reading! We’re breaking down everything from when exactly it’ll be visible, to what time it’ll appear at its brightest, to all of the spiritual meanings and astrological elements that come along with it.

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When Is April’s Full Pink Moon in 2024?

Mark your calendars! If you want to catch a glimpse of this month’s full moon, you only have one chance to do so. “This year’s Pink Moon occurs on Tuesday, April 23,” Mitchell states.

She says the best time to see it is when it’s at its most illuminated state, which will be just before 8:00 p.m. EST. “It will light up the evening sky around 7:50 p.m. EST,” she explains.

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What Is April’s Full Pink Moon’s Spiritual Meaning?

The Pink Moon is very significant, especially to females. “The spiritual meaning of the Pink Moon has to do with growth, new beginnings and fertility,” Mitchell points out. “This year’s Pink Moon is heavy on self-reflection; it’s about getting through the growing pains and letting go of what has too much control over us.”

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How Does April’s Full Pink Moon Affect You?

Mitchell tells Parade that the Pink Moon this April is very powerful because of its special timing. “This is the first full moon after eclipse season and is especially intense because of its connection to Pluto in Aquarius. It triggers what I like to refer to as, ‘the system upgrade’ that is Pluto in Aquarius, which helps a person dig deep and let go of things in their past that may have a strong hold on them; and it therefore embodies a ‘taking back your power’ moment.”

What Energy Does April’s Full Pink Moon Bring?

“This full moon is in the sign of Scorpio, which means the sun is directly opposite in the sign of Taurus,” Mitchell points out, adding that “Scorpio energy is all about rebirth, transformation, complexity and intensity.”

However, she says that the Pink Full Moon’s energy will particularly be at an all-time high because of the fact that it occurs during this water sign.

“The moon is in fall in Scorpio, meaning it’s at its weakest because the energy of the sign overtakes the energy of the planet.” Mitchell notes. “The moon is all about comfort and safety, but Scorpio colors things in a way that makes it chaotic and transformative. Because of that, you can expect intense emotions and energetic sensitivity during that time. The big thing to pay attention to is the emotional intensity of the moon in Scorpio. This also occurs during Mercury Retrograde, so it may bring up deep things from the past.”

While that may sound negative, Mitchell tells Parade that you shouldn’t look at it as a bad thing because it can be positive if you look at it from a bigger picture standpoint. “There’s a lesson in patience and that big transformations often require slow, but consistent effort,” she discloses.

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What Does April’s Full Pink Moon Represent?

According to Mitchell, April’s Pink Moon signifies renewal and clarity, marking it the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

“The brightness of the full moon allows us to see things more clearly, and since the full moon is in Scorpio, this highlights things that are usually kept in the darkness,” she shares. “It can bring us face to face with our past and ask us to examine our deepest emotions.”

Due to this circumstance, Mitchells suggests you take time to really think about situations you’re in and that you’d like to change. “This is a really good time to reflect on things that you feel have too much control over you, as well as recognize the things you need to change and the things you need to surrender to. This can also be a good time to reflect on your past actions and the intentions behind them. You can also take time to examine things you may view as weaknesses and instead honor your strength and resilience.”

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