Your April Fools’ Day Tarot Reading is Pulling a Prank!

April Fools Tarot Horoscopes 2024

It's that time of the year! April Fools' Day falls on April 1 every year and has been observed for centuries across various cultures, yet its precise beginnings are still unknown. Today, people worldwide play pranks and practical jokes on each other, always ending with the classic exclamation "April Fools!" to reveal the jest. Arriving on a Monday this year, April Fools' Day is sure to pull a prank on you just as you commence to recover from your weekend shenanigans! Mercury—the legendary cosmic trickster—goes retrograde on this same day, during one of the most transformative times of the entire year (eclipse season)! When all you can do is laugh at what the universe throws at you, we've conjured a card for each zodiac sign from The Roast Iconic oracle deck created by mystical artist Marcella Roll. Remember: Life's too short, so don't take yourself (or our pranks) too seriously!

April Fools' Day 2024 Tarotscope for Each Zodiac Sign

<p>The Roast Iconic by Marcella Kroll</p>

The Roast Iconic by Marcella Kroll

Aries: Vampire

Have you recently noticed people fleeing the room at your arrival, Aries? Let’s be honest! You’re a fiery one, and due to the universe currently working in your favor, you might have well….gotten used to taking a lot of space and energy from those around you. This card is your call to go within and ask yourself: How can I take space without making it all about myself?

Taurus: Stay in Your Lane

With Mercury going retrograde today and eclipse season in full swing, things (and people) are going crazy! But Taurus, contrary to what you might think, this is not a time to voice your opinion or try to control the situation. Staying in your lane and minding your own business for the time being will ensure no one plays a prank on you!

Gemini: Troll

Do you believe in the concept of “necessary evil,” Gemini? And, do you consider yourself the one that should play Devil’s Advocate? Well, tough love from the cosmos arrives now to tell you that instead of wasting your precious energy arguing about one thing or another, it might be time to focus on you! Self-examining or getting a hobby might be more productive than getting a rise out of people.

Cancer: Fashion Witch

Ruled by the moon, you’ve received unique gifts from the universe. You are an innate enchantress, a legendary conjurer, and a master manifester—and you know it! The appearance of this card, however, points to your wanting (consciously or unconsciously) to control a specific outcome or situation. Dress like a witch, but also act like one by staying true to your morals and the natural laws of the universe.

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Leo: Feral

Leo, you’re on fire! If you’ve been moody, overly intense, or just feeling kind of wild lately, this card’s prank on you is honest advice. Take some time alone, eat well, get some rest, and take care of yourself. This is not about “playing nice,” by the way—it’s more about giving your mind, body, and spirit what they need so you can later re-emerge like the Lion Queen you are!

Virgo: Podcast

Blah, blah, blah…aren’t you tired of talking? Well, the universe is now suggesting you give a little structure to your words! Instead of just rambling (or, more like…bitching) about your big opinions, it might be time to launch your show or even a podcast! Go ahead and show the world what you’ve got because the masses are ready to be serenaded by your intelligence and the magic of your voice.

Libra: Shadow

You sure are charming, Libra—but that does not exempt you from having a “shadow side.” Enmascarated as an April Fools’ Day prank, this card urges you to get real with yourself. It’s now time to see, get acquainted with, and integrate the dark side of your personality. By shining a light on a secret, an action, or a side of yourself you would rather not see, you open the doors to self-healing.

Scorpio: The Oracle

There is only a bigger prank than second-guessing yourself, and that is third-guessing yourself, Scorpio! This card is here to remind you that, as the ultimate shaman of the zodiac, you are the oracle. You already know what will transpire, what will not, and what needs to happen for you to truly remember who you are. You’re no basic bitch, so resolve to own your immense power already!

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Sagittarius: Cult Leader

It's time to come down from cloud nine, Sagittarius! We know you're smart, well-read, and oh-so-worldly. But guess what? What you consider "the truth" might only be your truth and not necessarily other people's reality. You're sure special—but if you've been unconsciously (or consciously) giving off "guru" or "demigod" vibes, this card is your passport to, once again, find humility within yourself.

Capricorn: Legend

As the epitome of stoicism, you’re one of the strongest signs in the entire zodiac. You’re successful, you’re admired, you’re respected, and others see you as unshakable. You are the Capricorn legend—but how approachable are you? This card’s prank on you reminds you that while your strength is legendary, you’re also human. Dare to cry; dare to be vulnerable…it might be good for you!

Aquarius: Bitch

Wow, Aquarius! Are you behaving this intensely as a defense mechanism? Of course, it’s okay to stand up for yourself—what is not okay is to respond with the same venom that’s being thrown at you! The Bitch card supports you in dodging the bad vibes while helping you maintain your integrity. You don’t want to resemble your enemies—or even worse, your frenemies—do you?!

Pisces: Billionaire

Are you keeping money or resources stored under your mattress in the spirit of “saving for a rainy day,” Pisces? The Billionaire card is here to remind you that monetary wealth does not translate to personal happiness. Contrary to what you think, gifting (and not hoarding) a little of your abundance to those in need will create more reasons for being grateful for what you attract.

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