Apple reportedly working to bring AI to the Vision Pro

Apple’s AI plans go beyond the previously announced Apple Intelligence launches on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the company is also working to bring these features to its Vision Pro headsets.

It’s not the most surprising move — if Apple Intelligence (a whole suite of features including an improved Siri, proofreading tools and custom emojis) is key to Apple’s future, why wouldn’t it be available on all the latest Apple gadgets? But for all that’s impressive about the Vision Pro, it remains an unusually pricey device with a limited audience (so far).

Apple Intelligence won’t be launching on the Vision Pro this year, Gurman says. Apple's main challenge here is rethinking how the features will look in mixed reality, rather than on a MacBook or iPhone screen.

Speaking of Vision Pro sales, Gurman reports that Apple is also rolling out changes to the way it demos the headset in stores, adding the ability for potential buyers to view their personal media on the Vision Pro, and also changing the headband from the Solo Loop to the Dual Loop for more comfort.

We also have new Apple rumors from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says his latest supply chain survey leads him to believe the company plans to mass produce AirPods with infrared cameras by 2026. These new AirPods could support new spatial audio experiences and gesture controls when used with the Vision Pro.