Apparently we've been eating Toblerone wrong our whole lives

Leah Cohen

It seems we can’t eat anything right these days.

First we were cutting cake wrong, then we were told to peel bananas from the bottom and now apparently we’ve been eating Toblerone wrong too!

We're been breaking off Toblerone wrong our whole lives. Photo: Google Images

We feel seriously cheated by life.

How could there possibly be a wrong way to eat chocolate? It's just chocolate.

Well, someone thought they would stir things up and show off their fancy pants Toblerone eating skills to the world.

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When you see how they break off a piece of Toblerone, you’ll be hitting your head saying ‘Why didn’t i think of that?!’

This new and improved snapping method means you don’t have to go to war with the chocolate bar and your hands will stay nice and clean.

We wonder what else we’re doing wrong...

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