Anti-vaxer's epic rant after being banned from Australia

Kristine Tarbert

The producer of a controversial anti-vaccination film has been banned from Australia for three years – and she isn’t too happy about it.

Polly Tommey can be heard in the above video ranting to fellow anti-vaxers about how her phone was seized and her emails copied when she left Australia, saying she has been banned from returning.

“Australia to me is literally the worst country I’ve visited,” she rants. “Not the people, the government.”

It comes after a film she produced called Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe was touring the country as part of a road show organised by the Australian Vaccinations-Skeptics Network, founded by Meryl Dorey.

Polly Tommey believes vaccines caused her son's autism. Photo: Youtube

Polly, who believes the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine caused her son’s autism, is a strong supporter of the anti vaccination movement and told audiences around Australia that ‘Doctors were murderers’ causing major outrage.

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The highly controversial film directed by Andrew Wakefield alleges that vaccines cause autism and claims the US government is covering up data to prove it.

A school was tricked into screening the film. Photo: Youtube

A Gold Coast school was even tricked into playing the film, after the hall was booked for a film supposedly about organic produce, which ended up being Vaxxed.

Last week the nation’s health ministers rejected the anti-vaccination movement and confirmed the role that vaccinations play in protecting children from potentially life-threatening infections.

The government has rejected this anti-vaccination movement. Photo: Getty

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt and his state counterparts resoundingly backed vaccinations at a Council of Australian Governments health meeting in Brisbane on August 4.

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