Anna Kate's Sister From 'America's Sweethearts' Was A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Anna Kate's Sister From 'America's Sweethearts' Was A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

If you’ve been captivated by the high kicks and even higher energy from the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, you are not alone. A new docuseries about them has hit Netflix and has everyone zoned in on the squad.

The Netflix docuseries America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is now streaming. It follows a group of women trying out for the elite cheerleading squad. ICYMI, no matter how long the women have been with the team, the athletes must audition every year to earn their spot on the field.

The stakes and hair-dos are high as Anna Kate Sundvold, the younger sister of former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Caroline Sundvold, makes her way through the auditions process.

Here’s everything you need to know about Anna Kate, including whether she makes the squad.

Anna Kate is an investment advisor rep from Missouri.

Anna Kate is from from Missouri and grew up dancing at Columbia Performing Arts Centre. She traveled the country for competitions and conventions, mainly focused on ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary. Anna Kate also danced for her high school’s team.

Anna Kate graduated from Texas Christian University with honors in 2023 and a degree in Business Business Administration. She was also honored as a 2023 Senior Finance Scholar, per her LinkedIn bio.

She previously cheered for TCU.

While at TCU, she was a cheerleader. She definitely brought the hype in her purple and white uniform.

“Looking back on the best football season🤍” Anna Kate captioned an IG photo from her last season with the team.

She met her boyfriend in college.

Not only did Anna Kate find a love of cheer during college, but she met her boyfriend as well. Michael Snyder seems to be quite the supportive boyfriend, always sharing photos of his lady!

The pair will celebrate their fourth anniversary in August. She posted a ton of cute pics on their anniversary last year on IG.

“Happy 3 years @michael.snyder_ Grateful for you and all our memories! Can’t wait to make more⭐️🤍”

Anna Kate’s older sister Caroline was a DCC, too.

Anna Kate’s sister Caroline, who was also a DCC from 2018 to 2023, helped show her the ropes. Caroline was awarded 2023 Veteran of the Year and 2019 Rookie of the Year during her time on the squad. Caroline underwent hip surgery in 2023 as her sister was gearing up to compete for her spot on the team.

Did Anna Kate make the squad?

If you've read this far, you already know that this is a spoiler. And the answer is: Yup! Anna Kate is officially a DCC. Here's an IG pic:

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