America’s Favorite Easter Candy Was Just Named—And It Might Not Be What You Expect

Easter candy

Easter wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without the copious amounts of vibrant-hued, technicolor candy and sweets that hop along with the pastel-tinged festivities. From a rainbow of squishy Peeps to deliciously fruity jelly beans, it’s hard not to feel like a kid in a candy store around spring’s first official holiday. Even if you don’t have time to make it to said candy store, DoorDash has everything you need to celebrate the holiday right—and they’ll deliver it straight to your door to boot. With just a few clicks and taps, you can be on your way to a Starburst-fueled sugar rush in no time.

Of course, the kind of sweet treat you prefer is entirely a matter of personal preference—although we think they’re all pretty good. But how can you possibly choose between all the delicious Easter bunny-approved candy options without first knowing where your fave stands on the list of America’s favorites? Well, fret not, dear reader; DoorDash just dropped their list of the most popular Easter candy by state, and the results might not be what you expect.

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Everyone’s favorite everything delivery app used aggregated data from customer orders and surveys to compile their Easter and Spring Trends Report and determine the number one candy item we add to our cart again and again. So, what is America’s favorite Easter candy? None other than the infinitely poppable Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Egg Candies. These sweet and delicious morsels are the perfect filler for a hand-curated Easter basket, and they make for an egg-cellent anytime-of-the-day snack.

DoorDash favorite candy by state<p>DoorDash</p>
DoorDash favorite candy by state


In terms of the numbers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs took first in all but 17 states, with the famed Cadbury Creme Eggs coming second with 14 states to its name. The remaining three states saw Starburst Jelly Beans, an Easter Variety Pack, and a Snickers, Twix and Milky Way Pack take home the top prize—although we’re sure there are some Reese’s lovers hiding out in those states, too.

Additional insights from the report include the revealing statistic that 74 percent of Easter revelers believe egg hunts should also be for adults, a thorough breakdown of spring essentials you can conveniently order straight through the DoorDash app and a map of which states prefer classic yellow Peeps over the bright blue option.

Regardless of whether you prefer sour or sweet, chocolate or peanut butter, you can find everything you need on DoorDash, and the best part is you won’t even have to leave the comfort of home.

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