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Amazon shoppers reveal everyday items you should be buying: 'Saved a bucketload'

Looking for a better deal on grocery items? Here's how to score one.

As the cost of living increases, Aussies are looking for better ways to bag a bargain when doing their weekly shopping.

Looking for alternatives to everyday supermarkets like Woolworths, Coles and Aldi, shoppers are turning their attention to online retailers such as Amazon for everyday household items and it appears to be paying off.

One shopper recently compared the price of Cold Power laundry liquid with Coles and surprisingly, Amazon offered a much better deal.

“If you haven't checked out Amazon to save money do it!” She wrote on a popular money-saving Facebook page.

“Cold power two-litre laundry liquid is $21 at Coles. I just purchased four litres on repeat delivery from Amazon for $14.40 with free delivery.”

Amazon shopping
Amazon's deals are often very competitive when compared to supermarket prices, with one shopper scoring 4 litres of laundry liquid for $14.40 compared to $21. Source: Amazon

After sharing her impressive saving to the Mums Who Budget and Save Facebook page her post was flooded with hundreds of comments from savvy shoppers sharing how they save money on Amazon too.

Amongst the cheaper items were face wash, toilet paper, paper towels, batteries, tissues, bulk Masterfoods herbs/seasonings, bulk buy drinking chocolate, dishwasher tablets and baby wipes.

One shopper said she picked up a pack of 24 Energiser AAA for $14 on Amazon compared to $29 for the exact same pack at Coles. Another said she was scoring impressive savings for her family of 10.

Meanwhile, dozens of others shared their favourite bulk-buy items that all insisted were cheaper than supermarket prices.

“I buy toilet paper, paper towels, nappies, coke and practically everything on repeat delivery. So much cheaper,” one person wrote.

“Just purchased my daughter's face wash, $17+ at Woollies today, jumped on Amazon and it was $8.50 and delivered for free as I am a member,” added another.

“I started buying dishwasher tablets and washing powder from shiploads instead of coles and the difference in price is crazy,” added a third.

Amazon boxes at front door
Amazon Prime members not only receive free delivery they get access to member deals and Amazon prime music and streaming service. Source: Getty Images

What's the catch?

Apart from the cheaper pricing, there are a few other reasons customers are starting to favour grocery shopping on Amazon.

Subscribing to Amazon Prime for $6.99 per month gives you free shipping on deliveries. Product prices are generally on par with supermarket prices, but there are flash deals and member deals.


But there's another way shoppers can save even more.

The Amazon Subscribe and Save service offers a 10 percent saving across products that shoppers subscribe to on a regular basis. For example, customers can set up auto-delivery for products they purchase often at a discounted rate.

Shoppers who subscribed said they were saving a “bucketload of money” on everyday essentials - even though some had increased in price recently.

“I've had 436 deliveries to my home in the last 365 days, all priced the same or lower than the retail stores/supermarkets. And I didn't need to cart it all home! My 'subscribe and save' is on fire!” one person wrote.

“I buy my laundry powder, toilet paper, hand wash and tissues on subscription with Amazon. I love that I never run out of those things now and they just turn up without me having to think about it,” another added.

“I used their subscribe and save for lots of bulk items. Works out better than half-price most of the time,” said a third.

Chiang Mai, Thailand - April 26, 2016: man hand holding screen shot of Amazon application showing on Asus Zenfone 2 mobile phone. Amazon is an American international electronic commerce company.
While Amazon prices are competitive, comparing prices across retailers will always score you a better deal. Source: Getty Images

One thing to watch out for

While many praised the free delivery and auto-subscription service, some offered a word of warning on subscription prices changing.

“Just keep an eye on their prices! I was doing the regular deliveries with "subscribe and save" and they jacked the price up after the second delivery,” one person cautioned.

However, others said they were given the opportunity to review orders before they were shipped and had the option to skip orders if they wanted to.

Amazon confirmed that before each delivery customers are sent a reminder email showing the item price and any applicable discount available.

“The price of the item may decrease or increase from delivery to delivery, depending on the price of the item at the time we process your order,” the Amazon website states.

Here are some of the best Amazon everyday item deals, which include free delivery:

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