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Amazon is giving away $100 gift cards with Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 purchases

The Galaxy Tab S9 and S9+ are already discounted.


A deal is great, but a deal and a gift card is even better. Amazon is offering just that, giving customers who purchase an already discounted Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 or Galaxy Tab S9+ a $100 gift card to — you guessed it — Amazon. The Tab S9 is 13 percent off, dropping from $920 to $800, and the Tab S9+ is 11 percent off, taking it from $1,120 to $999.

It's currently 13 percent off. 

$800 at Amazon
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$751 at Walmart$800 at Adorama

Samsung's Galaxy Tab series is a solid option overall, with the S9 and S9+ both representing good buys. We're partial to them over the newer Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, which we gave a 78 to in our review due to its beautiful screen and powerful hardware (pro), but a $1,200 price tag (con). The cheaper Galaxy Tab S9 still has excellent features like an 11-inch high-quality screen, Wi-Fi 6E compatibility and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. The Tab S9+ has a 12.4-inch screen, a 10,090mAh battery (compared to the S9's 8,400mAh) and a 512GB option.

The $100 gift card is available with your purchase until September 24th, using the code PDHMT3LPAACC, and will be sent in an email as soon as your shipment is complete. If you prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer, Samsung currently has the same sales going on as Amazon. Of course, you'd be foregoing the gift card though.

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