These are the top 100 toys on Amazon Australia for Christmas

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The little elves at the Starlight Foundation tried and tested over 100 toys to give you this epic Christmas list.
The little elves at the Starlight Foundation tried and tested over 100 toys to give you this epic Christmas list.

Christmas is just around the corner so if you haven't started getting your Christmas list together, then now is the time.

While you may think you have six weeks to get your presents in order, we all know how it will play out and we want to avoid the last-minute panic-buy and wishing you ordered your gift a couple of weeks beforehand when you first saw it - especially if you're buying for kids.

If you have little elves to buy for and you're not sure where to even start, then don't worry, you've come to the right place. The gorgeous kids at the Starlight Foundation have been trying and testing Amazon's best toys to create a list of the top 100 toys that your little one will love.

1. CRAYOLA Light Up Tracing Pad Light Board - $49.45

This one's for the little artist you know! This top-winning tracing pad is built with an LED light base on an ultra-thin tablet allowing for detailed drawings to come to life. Your child can learn drawing techniques or trace their favourite designs with 10 tracing sheets included, 10 blank sheets, 12 short coloured pencils, one graphite pencil and a paper locking frame to keep the paper in place. 

Emily (13) says, "I love that this can help me to draw amazing characters and scenes."

Product image of the Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad in pink with a caucasian hand holding the pencil over the paper drawing a girl.
This LED tracing pad is a fun, creative way for your little artist to finesse their drawing skills and spend hours creating. Source: Amazon

2. Greater Than Games Wingspan Board Game - $79.95

Coming in at number two on the list is the Wingspan board game which is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Wingspan is described as an exciting game of strategy and skill, encouraging players to delve into their creativity and use their cunning side. Designed with easy rules for kids of the age of 10 and upwards to play, this immersive game is all about tactics and mental challenges. Seeing as the kids at the Starlight Foundation tested 100 toys, this runner-up is sure to be a winner at Christmas.

Image of boardgame laying flat with the cards and game pieces assembled on the side.
Gather the kids (and the bigger kids!) around to play this fun, stimulating board game rated as the second best toy by the Starlight Foundation. Source: Amazon


3. Oculus Quest 2 - Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset - $479

This gift is sure to make a scene at Christmas - for kids of all ages (including the adults!) Oculus' VR boasts super-fast processing and its highest-resolution display ever with 50% more pixels than the original model. Equipped with backward compatibility, this VR headset delivers full immersion in Quests' wide variety of games holding up to 128GB. 

Plus, once opened on Christmas Day, you can start playing straight away. Simply set up with the smartphone app and put on the headset - no need for a computer or console. 

Occulus VR Quest 2 headset box in white with the white headset out of the box on the front on a white background.
Your techy kid will absolutely love opening this VR headset this Christmas, packed with immersive features and the brands' highest resolution display. Source: Amazon

4. GUND Animated Flappy The Elephant - $47.61

This one's for the babies and littlies in the group. They will love squishing this cuddly and soft elephant that sings and plays peek-a-boo with its flapping ears. How adorable! Just by squeezing either of its feet, your little one will be playing games and singing classics like "Do Your Ears Hang Low" while the elephant flaps its ears and makes everyone giggle.

Better yet, the elephant is made from high-quality, plush material that is able to be surface washed should any small hands leave marks. Winner!

Emmanuel (3) says, "I love the music and the way Flappy moves his ears."

A little boy with brown hair crouches and cuddles a grey soft toy elephant on a white floor with pale cream toys in the background.
This happy little elephant is sure to be a favourite with your little ones being super plush and squishy while singing songs and flapping its ears! Source: Amazon

5. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register - $53.99

Your children will love playing 'shops' with this fun-sized cash register. Complete with an inbuilt calculator to encourage money and math skills, kids can refer to the activity guide to play a variety of games using the 30 full-sized paper bills, 40 plastic coins and a credit card to make all their imaginary games come to life. 

The till even makes a "ca-ching" sound upon opening, giving the kids a real sense of fun. 

A red and blue cash register toy with the till open holding pretend green cash bills and plastic coins.
The kids will love playing 'shops' with this immersive calculating cash register. Source: Amazon

6. LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster Building Kit - $379

Wherever you're celebrating Christmas, be sure to take this with you as you'll need all the hands you can get! Kids can spend hours playing with this immersive, fully functioning fairground roller coaster set complete with all the accessories and stands you'd expect at a real fairground. As well as the roller coaster, the kit comes with two trains, 11 mini-figures including rider figures, ride attendants, spectators, a smoothie stand and a cotton candy cart! 

We know how you'll be spending your holidays!

This hugely exciting Lego rollercoaster set is sure to have the whole family involved this Christmas. Source: Amazon
This hugely exciting Lego rollercoaster set is sure to have the whole family involved this Christmas. Source: Amazon

7. Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit For Ipad - $159

Coming in at seventh is this award-winning learning game with six educational adventures to explore. Attach your iPad or Fire Tablet to the stand and install the game app to start playing a range of fun maths games that use elements of addition, subtraction and fractions. Using handheld pieces, your child can build scenarios that are stimulating and fun like making pizza for customers, collecting payments and giving change. Your little one will be making a small profit in no time.

A kids board game of shapes and magnet pieces on a white background with the pieces laid out in front in bright colours.
Kids will love getting involved in this fun maths game while they learn at the same time! Source: Amazon

8. Learning Resources Coding Critters Ranger & Zip - $44.50

Winning the Toy of the Year Award is this fun and educational, screen-free coding game! Designed for kids aged four and up, Coding Critters encourages interactive STEM development by offering 22 pieces for kids to design their own toy to fetch, hide and seek. The storybook coding adventure challenges older kids to design more commands for their two mischievous puppies. There's also a play mode that allows kids to interact with the dogs so everyone is able to have fun.

Coding Critters toy in the box on a white background with the toy assembled in front, including two brown toy dogs in a kennel and on a blue slide.
As the Toy of the Year Award Winner, this educational and fun coding toy is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours! Source: Amazon

9. Fisher-Price Walk, Bounce & Ride Pony - $99.99

Your toddler will absolutely love this musical walker designed to offer three different ways of play from bouncing, riding to walking. The pony can sing over 50 songs, tunes and phrases offering hours of endless entertainment. For an educational twist, the pony also recites the alphabet and counts to ten giving your little one the opportunity to learn in a joyful environment. ​

Designed for babies and toddlers from nine months, this walker will grow with your baby offering a fun, interactive and educational option for every stage of development.

A brown pony walker with a green saddle and orange handle on end on a white background.
Your bub can use this pony-themed walker three different ways, while learning over 50 songs, sounds and phrases. It also says the alphabet and counts to 10! Source: Amazon

10. Hasbro Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Kingdom Leader Class figure - $89.95

Transformers fans will love this epic figurine which includes a Golden Disk card that reveals a possible destiny of a key character! This G1-inspired toy converts to Earth armored truck mode and includes exciting accessories to add to your creation with instructions to help you reach an epic scale. Collect other Kingdom figures to reveal all three alternate destiny variants for each character while other accessories can build up the bone amor to make the figurine bigger than ever! 

While the kids at the Starlight Foundation loved this toy, Amazon's customers have also rated this five out of five stars.

A box of the Ultra Magnus Transformer in blue and white with the action figure on the right of the box on a white background.
Little ones who love Transformers are going to go crazy over this action figure - with three exciting transforming modes and a secret disk inside. Source: Amazon

Want to explore the whole list? Here's what else you can find. 

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