A Lot Of Movies Have Alternate Movie Endings, We Wanna Know The Best

Occasionally, movies are so good (or not), that it's hard for filmmakers to figure out how to perfectly wrap up their stories. And when this happens, they often come up with alternate endings — sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes truly absurd.

character saying, this is harder than i thought
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For example, did you know there's an alternate ending to The Descent that was released in the UK that's WAYYY more grim than the US ending?

side by side of the different scenes in the movie

The UK ending is technically the original ending (it is a British film, after all), but Lionsgate asked the writer-director, Neil Marshall, to change the ending for American audiences after some test screenings.

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Or I bet you didn't know that Thelma & Louise has an alternate ending that goes on a little longer than the original and also shows a more ~symbolic~ wrap-up for the iconic duo.

original ending is a car flying off a cliff and alternate ending is the car driving off on a dirt road

This slightly longer alternate ending, which was included as a DVD extra, shows the car actually falling into the canyon as the police watch. It then attempts to wrap things up with a fantasy/afterlife situation where the duo drives off into the sunset.


And did you know that in an alternate ending for Terminator 2: Judgment Day, we see a future where it's confirmed that Judgment Day did not happen?

a woman in the alternate ending and the original ending shows the lines on a road

Writer-director James Cameron actually wanted the Terminator story to be wrapped up neatly. In this version we see Sarah Connor in the future as an old woman, watching her son, John, and granddaughter play (this is the alternate ending). But Cameron was convinced by producer Mario Kassar (as well as a test screening) to leave the film open-ended and a little more dark, matching with the tone of the rest of the film.

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So tell me — I'd really like to know: what movie has a really great or wildly different alternate ending? (It doesn't even have to be one that was actually filmed!) Tell us in the comments below or use this totally anonymous form here, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!