Alone Australia's Gina reveals item that helped her win

Alone Australia's Gina reveals to Yahoo Lifestyle which 'game-changing' item she brought with her that helped her win the competition.

Video transcript


GINA CHICK: Salt. And in retrospect, I would say that was probably one of the most important items. I mean, things like a saw and a hatchet are absolutely vital. But the one that probably kept me there, that wasn't just purely practical, that actually made a huge difference in keeping there was salt. Because like, to be able to salt food when you're starving is a game changer.

To be able to catch an eel, and fry it in its own fat, and then salt it-- and so it becomes like this deep fried, incredible flesh that melts in your mouth. And it's salty. I felt like I was eating a chicken burger. And that, to be able to look forward to that, was a huge thing. It was an absolutely massive thing.

I did have a moment when I-- the first time I used the salt, when I probably used a little bit much, and ended up vomiting spectacularly on national television, up close and personal. So, sorry, everyone, about that. But apart from that, yeah, the salt was-- the salt was a game changer.