We almost didn't recognise Adele with her new curtain bangs haircut

There's no denying that bangs (AKA, fringes for all the British peeps) are having a huge moment. In the past few weeks, we've seen celebs sporting Birkin bangs, micro-bangs and baby bangs, however, curtain bangs seem to be the hairstyle leading the trend; They're effortlessly chic and you can still see, what's not to love? Well, none other than Adele just cemented the trend into the haircut hall of fame by rocking the style herself. We haven't seen her with this haircut since 2008 when she was in her Chasing Pavements era, so to say we were shocked would be an understatement.

Unlike the blocky fringe she sported in the noughties (we know, it was of its time), this new hair transformation *screams* chic. Is anyone else getting Dolly Parton vibes?

The new curtain bangs were paired with a voluminous updo, dubbed 'le grande bouffant' by her go-to hairstylist, Sami Knight, for her latest Las Vegas show. The buttery ringlets paired with this gravity-defying volume are pure perfection.

While these curtain bangs could very well be clip-ins (we're keeping our fingers crossed that they're not faux), there's no denying how much the Grammy-winner really suits the trend. Seriously Adele, if these aren't real you need to rectify this, pronto.

The singer has always been one for sticking to her signature look, so this is quite the hair transformation if you ask us. Yes, it's not like she's dyed her hair red or got a bob haircut like some of the celeb transformations we've seen lately, but we're excited to see what 'do Adele will be sporting at her next show. Stay tuned.

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