Aldi's Stylish 20-Piece Flatware Sets Are Only $15 and Fans Will Definitely Be Lining Up to Grab Them

Aldi store sign

Shopping at Aldi can be quite an emotional rollercoaster. You could either luck out and find the very last pair of super soft St. Patrick's Day-themed leggings, or you could plan out your entire trip and still miss out on the oversized serving bowl you’ve been eyeing since it arrived at the beginning of the week. It’s truly a mixed bag, but with our help and a little extra planning, you, too, can take advantage of every deal that lands in the Aldi Finds section.

Most of those deals lately have been geared toward upgrading the look and feel of your home (this vintage-inspired glassware, for example), and the chain’s latest continues that trend with a fun flatware set. Aldi is no stranger when it comes to delivering high quality at a fraction of the cost, and while this certainly isn’t the retailer’s first kitchen utensil set, it might be one of their cutest. Coming this week to an Aldi Finds section near you is the stylish Crofton 20-Piece Flatware Set, and it’s giving all the retro vibes.



The 20-piece set includes four salad forks, four dinner forks, four teaspoons, four tablespoons and four butter knives. The set is made of durable stainless steel and is dishwasher safe, although handwashing is recommended to ensure they last as long as possible. Additionally, the flatware features a solid-colored stripe running down the handle of each utensil. You can choose between warm tones (tan, brown, white and yellow) and cool tones (white, gray and three shades of blue) to match the vibe of your table.

And, as you might suspect, this set is very budget-friendly. You get 20 pieces for just $15, which works out to just 75 cents per piece! Now, there’s no excuse not to give your flatware a refresh, and who knows, you might even find something else worth adding to your cart on your next trip. We recommend keeping an eye out for this endlessly useful immersion blender set to hit stores this week, too.

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