Aldi's Pumpkin Spice Cold Foam Has Officially Arrived

Cream poured into a glass of iced coffee
Cream poured into a glass of iced coffee - Stefan Csontos/Shutterstock

Aldi is a great place to do your grocery shopping if you love getting reasonable prices and enjoy spotting new seasonal items on the shelves –- and this autumn, the grocery store has been going all out with plenty of fun fall-themed products to get fans talking. Aldi recently released a line of autumn-themed boozy finds and fan-favorite fall pretzels. And now, according to an Aldi fan account on Instagram, a new product perfect for topping a glass of cold coffee (or even an iced latte) has been spotted –- Pumpkin Spice Cold Foam.

Selling for $4.49 a bottle and labeled as "coffee's new best friend," this fall-flavored cream is set to hit the shelves on Wednesday, September 27, across the country but has been released early in a few locations. Aldi already has two other cold foam flavors in stores, including mocha and vanilla –which some fans believe is the missing ingredient needed to make a clone of Starbucks's vanilla cream cold brew.

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Whipped Cream And Cold Foam

Can of Aldi's pumpkin spice cold foam
Can of Aldi's pumpkin spice cold foam - Instagram

While the release of the new fall flavor of Aldi's cold foam was exciting for many, it did elicit some questions about the product under the announcement of the release on Instagram. Namely, because the two products come in the same kind of container and can both be used to top coffee, shoppers wondered why they should reach for cold foam over whipped cream.

The main difference between the two products is consistency. While whipped cream holds its shape on a dessert or cup of coffee, the cold foam does not and will sit on top of the liquid like a floating layer of sweet, creamy goodness. Cold foam is also thicker and heavier, while whipped cream is sweeter and lighter. Furthermore, cold foam has been more popular lately than whipped cream at coffee shops like Starbucks. So, if you've been looking for a way to make a pumpkin cream cold brew at home, Aldi's pumpkin spice cold foam might just be worth a try.

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