Aldi's 2-Pack of Stylish Glass Mugs with Bamboo Lids Are Just $5 and They're Definitely Going to Sell Out

Aldi store sign

You’ve heard the phrase, “History repeats itself,” and if you’ve been having a major case of deja vu lately, you’re not alone. Recent years have seen us reaching back to years past for inspiration, leading to a resurgence in vintage style from fashion to interior design.

And while some things are certainly best left in the past (looking at you, popcorn shirts), it could be argued that we just weren’t mature enough to appreciate what prior years had to offer. Whatever the case, we’ve learned to treat the past like a premium bottle of vino and let it age just a bit before we savor that first delicious sip.

Like the robust and complex flavors of a good bottle of wine, coffee also requires a certain level of appreciation to fully enjoy all of its nuances. From your preferred brewing method to the amount of cream you tip into your mug, several factors determine how delicious your morning coffee will be—and it takes some experimenting to figure out what your secret recipe is. Once you’ve dialed in your morning joe, the only thing left to do is choose a vessel worthy of your creation, and Aldi is angling to be your go-to spot to shop for one.



The German-based supermarket chain just added the exceptionally retro Crofton Ribbed Glass Coffee Mugs to its famed Aldi Finds section, and we’re sure they won't be available for long. Each 10.82-ounce mug features a square handle and a fun ribbed texture. You can choose from four different colors: clear, black, brown, and light pink, which is perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day. The cute cups also come with a bamboo lid that's great for keeping your drink warm and that can also double as a coaster.

Even better than the mug's appearance is the incredibly low price of just $5 for a set of two! At that price, it's likely that they disappear quickly, but if you happen to miss out on this deal, you can always stop by your local Target to check out their version of the of-the-moment ribbed mug.

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