Aldi Shopper Seen Swapping Berries – Reddit Is Both Grossed Out And Impressed

produce section at aldi
produce section at aldi - Bloomberg/Getty Images

There's nothing worse than getting home and finding a moldy strawberry in your container. Since the fruit comes prepackaged at Aldi, its difficult to ensure every piece is up to eating standard. However, one Aldi shopper took their refusal to have a bad strawberry in the bunch to the extreme.

In a video posted on the Aldi Reddit page, an unidentified shopper can be seen sorting through a package of strawberries. The customer had another bin of discarded strawberries nearby. They sorted through both containers picking only the best berries from both packages to buy themselves. Afterward, the customer put the container of rejected strawberries back into the produce section for the next unsuspecting customer.

Redditors took issue with the shopper's grocery foul, with one writing, "No one needs to make the situation worse by opening containers and touching multiple containers worth of fruit with filthy hands. That's simply self-entitled behavior." Others were begrudgingly impressed that the shopper was bold enough to slowly complete the process -- even while they were being filmed. As customers pointed out in a Quora thread, it's "poor shopping etiquette" to go through packages of produce yourself, especially as it's unsanitary. While the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention already recommend washing one's fruit, this video shows another practical reason. You're not quite sure who handled your fruit before you bought it.

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A Symptom Of A Larger Issue?

aldi produce section
aldi produce section - Bloomberg/Getty Images

While few people would argue that the shopper was in the right, some Redditors pointed out that they can't condemn the shopper's actions. One Redditor commented, "As long as she makes sure the moldy fruit is visible to everyone, I'm not angry." Another commenter raised a larger issue -- why does produce seem of lower quality at the chain? They wrote, "Seriously. My strawberries and blackberries rarely last more than a few days."

While Aldi does source locally for a lot of its produce, it also typically prepackages its produce as well. Since no one wants a moldy or rotten piece of fruit, it's caused some shoppers to complain or, in the case of this Reddit video, take matters into their own hands. It's an issue that Aldi has tried to address in the past, by revamping its produce section, but overall, it still appears to be an issue for some customers. So much so, that it's suggested that you never buy your produce from Aldi.

For the most part, people found the action insupportable for being unhygienic and even selfish, with comments like, "Cause everyone wants her cast-offs." Most people said they should have contacted a store employee if they wanted help finding the best produce. As one commenter mentioned, "Amusing and definitely not the right thing to do, but on my last trip to Aldi, the cashier opened my container to check for bad ones (he found one) and he got me a new container."

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