Aldi shopper's bonkers coronavirus solution goes viral

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
·1-min read

A UK man has gone viral for his bizarre take on PPE - personal protective equipment - on a shopping trip to Aldi this week.

Photos of the shopper with a shed on his head were shared on Twitter by stunned onlooker Matt Read, who took the photos outside at an Aldi supermarket in Bristol.

“Interesting take on PPE queueing to get into my local Aldi,” Matt captioned the snap.

shed man at aldi
The man was spotted queueing at a local Aldi in the UK. Photo: Twitter

The hilarious image had people quite amused with some calling the idea “impressive”.

“Well he’s staying at home, in a sort of way,” one person mused.

“Probably under there laughing at all the other idiots who forgot their houses,” another said.

While a third quipped, “That was a Special Buy in Feb.”

After finishing his grocery run, another image showed the Aldi checkout person seemed less than impressed by the man’s attire.

shed customer aldi
The Aldi worker doesn't look impressed. Photo: Twitter

But as it turns out, this isn’t the first time the man wearing the shed has been spotted around town, as he is apparently somewhat of a local ‘celebrity’.

His name is Michael Shedworth - hence the affinity for sheds - and he has often been spotted walking through the city with lights flashing and dance music blaring from the shed covering his head, the Bristol Live reports.

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