Aldi fans lose it over surprise $20 item: 'Amazing'

Is there anything that discount supermarket Aldi can't do?

They are already known for their specials, award winning wines and cult food buys that sell out, but did you know they also sell cut-price flowers?

Aldi's flowers are not just great value, they actually outlast flowers from more expensive stores.

"These beautiful roses from Aldi are four weeks old now and still going," one Aldi fan wrote on Facebook.

The post then blew up with comments from fellow shoppers with a fancy for Aldi's fresh blooms.

Four week old yellow Aldi roses looking like new in two vases on a table
One shopper shared that her roses from Aldi were still going after four weeks. Photo: Facebook (Facebook)

"Can’t beat Aldi roses. 2 bunches for $20 and my place looks like a million dollars!" one comment said.

"The roses from Aldi are amazing - they last for ages!" another replied.

"Always buy Aldi flowers, best value & quality," a third wrote.

People also shared images of their blooms that still looked fresh weeks later.

"I bought some of these and they lasted about 4-5 weeks just changed the water every couple of days."

Bunches of Aldi roses shared on Facebook
Other Aldi shoppers also shared their long-lasting roses from the store. Photo: Facebook (Facebook)

"I love Aldi flowers, they last so much longer than the florist, and a 10th of the price," another added with one person summing up the feeling by saying: "Aldi roses rock!"

And it isn't just the roses that flowers lovers are impressed with.

"I brought these Aldi flowers 2 WEEKS AGO!! (On special buy too!)," one woman shared on another Facebook group.

"I'm so impressed with how they are lasting!!! Thanks Aldi!"

Shoppers sharing long lasting Aldi blooms on Facebook
And it wasn't just roses that looked good after a week or two! Photo: Facebook (Facebook)

"I bought these flowers from Aldi 3 WEEKS AGO and topped up the water once. Still looking um... well... fresh as a daisy," another person said with a picture of her beautiful yellow daisies.

People who hadn't bought flowers from Aldi yet were keen to try them out.

"Ok Guys am road testing Aldi flowers due to recommendations in this group" one person wrote.

Aldi were thrilled to hear that Aussie shoppers are appreciating the freshness and value of their bouquets.

"At Aldi, we are delighted to supply our customers with beautiful bouquets at seriously incredible prices," a spokesperson for the supermarket told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"From only $6 for our three-stem Asiatic Lilies, and $12 for our 10-stem bunch of Roses, to our Australian Wildflower arrangement for just $15, our customers can brighten up their homes, give a surprise bouquet to their friends or loved ones or even mix and match to make their own floral arrangements without breaking the bank."

What a great way to treat that special someone or add a bit of colour to your home!

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