Aldi forced to cancel iconic Snow Gear Special Buys sale: 'Deep disruption'

Aldi has disappointed shoppers after cancelling its highly-anticipated annual Snow Gear Special Buys due to ongoing supply chain issues.

The discount supermarket broke the news to excited shoppers on Friday morning on social media, where they cited “deep disruption” in their supply chains forcing them to prioritise essential grocery items.

Aldi’s Snow Gear Special Buys is an annual sale held by the supermarket, which has grown in popularity over the years, with shoppers often queuing down the street to get their hands on the discount apparel, accessories and equipment from as low as $19.99.

Aldi announcement of Snow Gear Special Buys cancellation
Aldi announced the cancellation of its annual Snow Gear Special Buys on Facebook. Source: Aldi Australia/Getty

“We know many customers look forward to our annual Snow Gear Special Buys and we are disappointed to share [that] it will not be in stores this year,” reads a message on Aldi Australia's Facebook page.

“Due to supply chain issues that have impacted retailers across the country, our priority has been ensuring essential grocery items are available on shelves.”


Aldi forced to make 'difficult decisions to make sure grocery is prioritised'

“Deep disruption in our supply chains over a number of months has meant that we have needed to make difficult decisions to make sure grocery is prioritised, and the removal of this year’s Snow Gear Special Buys was a hard, but responsible option.”

Aldi added that they know the Snow Gear is a “much anticipated Special Buys event” and, while it is never their intention to disappoint customers, they hope shoppers understand the need to prioritise essential items during this time.

However, Aldi did assure loyal customers their annual Snow Gear sale would return in 2023.

Aldi shoppers line up outside supermarket for snow gear sale
Aldi's annual Snow Gear Special Buys has reached a near-cult status in recent years. Source: Facebook

“We love the Snow Gear Special Buys and can’t wait to be a part of customers’ snow holiday plans with top quality gear at low prices in 2023,” the statement concluded.

While Aldi did not specify the issues disrupting its supply chain, a combination of variables is likely to blame, including rising fuel prices, Covid-19, Australian floods and the war in the Ukraine.

Aldi shoppers show their support for supermarket amid supply chain issues

Despite several Aldi shoppers voicing their disappointment over the canned Snow Gear sale with a flood of crying Emojis, most customers were supportive of the supermarket giant for prioritising the essentials.

“Supply problems are everywhere, so thank you Aldi – food should be the priority,” wrote one shopper.

“Can't be helped, food is priority over the Special Buys. Thank you for your forethought,” wrote a second.

While a third shopper chimed: “We love Aldi. I love the fact you are honest. There is always next year.”

Other savvy shoppers shared their own suggestions for sourcing snow gear, such as sharing Aldi snow gear from previous seasons among themselves, buying them second-hand from Facebook Marketplace and visiting op shops located near snow fields.

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