Aldi’s New $9 Grilling Tools Are Launching This Week—and Are Bound To Sell Out

You’re going to want all four of them.

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You have two days to decide which of Aldi’s four new grilling tools you need for all your summer cookouts. They go on sale Wednesday, June 12, and like all useful, cost-less-than-their competitors' home goods that beckon in the Aldi Finds aisle, chances are that they’ll sell out fast.

Like favorite Aldi household items before them—like the $10 cutting board that rivals one Williams Sonoma sells, colorful glassware that is far less expensive than competitors, or durable cast iron cookware that is as pretty as Le Creuset makes—it’s rare that any of these buys, which always hit stores on a Wednesday, are still on shelves a week later.

The grilling tools Aldi is launching this week aren’t specifically copycats, although you can find versions of them sold elsewhere, usually at higher prices. If you spend a lot of time cooking outdoors in the summer, whether at your backyard grill or over an open fire at the campground, you might want to visit your local Aldi this week.

Aldi’s Range Master Grilling Tools Hit Stores Wednesday, June 12



Aldi has four new tools coming to shelves starting June 12 to make grilling easier and tastier.

Meat Tenderizer: Tenderizes beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and more to shorten cooking times and get more flavorful results. The blades penetrate protein, making it more tender and allowing spices and other flavors to be better absorbed. The tenderizer includes a protective storage case.

Grill Light: For cooking after dark, the dual-action grill light illuminates your cooking space with bright LEDs. It has adjustable straps to fit most grill handles.

Grill Press: Ready to make some smashburgers on the grill? Smash them with this handy tool. You can also use it to uniformly brown steak, chicken, and vegetables.

Thermometer: One of the most important grilling tools, meat thermometers ensure you won’t undercook meat (keeping it safe) or overcook it (keeping it from being tough and less flavorful). The thermometer’s range goes from -4°F to 518°F (-20°C to 270°C) and can display results in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Armed with Aldi’s grilling tools, you’re about to become a better grill master than you’ve ever been.

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