Aldi’s $10 Pottery Barn Copycat Platter Is Even Better Than the Original

Run, don't walk for this limited-time deal.

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A few neutral-colored serving pieces in your kitchen cabinet can be useful. Even if your dishes have a colorful design, you can add a neutral bowl or plate to the table and it won’t clash.

Aldi has a new stoneware platter that fits that bill. We can see it holding burgers right off the grill in summer, pumpkin cranberry muffins on a brunch table in fall, a comforting roast chicken in winter, and everyone’s favorite deviled eggs at a spring gathering.

The platter is in the Aldi Finds aisle for a limited time. Between its versatility and great price, it's bound to sell out quickly.

Aldi Has a New Crofton Stoneware Platter



Pottery Barn has a rustic, neutral-colored collection of dishware and serving pieces called Mendocino. The collection is quite popular, and it’s easy to understand why. The sandy neutral color is perfect for the current cottagecore aesthetic. The collection also has Pottery Barn pricing, which is not in everyone’s budget.

The large 15.25 by 11-inch serving platter in the Pottery Barn collection costs $59.50. Aldi’s stoneware platter is a similar 16.5 by 12.7-inch size and color, with a price tag of $9.99. Besides the obvious, what makes this platter even better (in our opinion) than the Pottery Barn option is that it has handles and a textured circular design. It has the same vibe and neutral versatility, but it’s a more interesting-looking platter. And again, it’s much more affordable.

While you’re at Aldi grabbing this versatile platter that you can use year-round, look in the Finds aisle for another great deal this week. A four-pack of Crofton Acrylic Tumblers with hobnail detail also fits into the cottagecore vibe and you can score that deal for just $5.99.

BRB, we’re heading to nab these finds.

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