Alabama Barker, 17, Responded To Criticism For Her Revealing Dress

Alabama Barker responded to criticism of a dress she wore this weekend.

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Yesterday, Alabama — who's the daughter of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler — shared Instagram and TikTok posts of her wearing the dress in question. It featured spaghetti straps, a stomach cutout, and was held together by tiny strings across her chest. Alabama paired the look with an assortment of silver jewelry with her hair pulled into a curly ponytail.

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"Self esteems drop every time I show up," she wrote in her Instagram caption.

"You're 17, where are you going out to exactly???" one fan wondered.

Another commented, "I love Bama... but baybeeee. This is too much for someone her age."

"My mom would've [popped] me if I even thought about wearing something like this at that age," a third user wrote in part.

The comments continued over on TikTok, too, with one user declaring, "Underage kids should not dress like this."

Someone even said, "Someone call the police or her dad!!!!"

While others defended Alabama and said she should be able to dress however she wants.

some of y'all are old ash talking about a 17 year old girl that's doing what she wants to do get a life
why are people so bothered what she wears is it actually effecting anyone else, no
y'all calm down it's her body she can decide what she does with it

Amid the criticism, Alabama took to her Instagram Stories to respond. She wrote, "Let's stop getting mad on my page that you felt the need to oversexualize me and have a problem with it."

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"I'm not going to wear long sleeves, etc., to make the internet not sexualize the body I was born with," Alabama continued, adding, "if you have a problem, unfollow me."

the message on her story

She also pinned an Instagram comment from one fan who wrote, "I understand that she's a minor, but what bugs me is the fact that all of you guys are judging her when God knows all of us did the same shit she's doing at her age!! Maybe you guys should put the gavel down n take a good look in the mirror before u pass judgment on her. WE ALL DID IT AND YOU ALL KNOW IT!! Get off your high horse. Let her live."

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Her dad also appeared to like the post.

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