What Al Roker Eats In a Week

Al Roker

TODAY co-host Al Roker is no stranger to creating a buzz when it comes to food. He’s long been a staunch advocate for small businesses and has continued to highlight cuisine in all of its beautiful complexity. Aside from whipping up spicy lip-tingling chicken wings or immensely Instagramable #McRoker sandwiches, the 69-year-old weatherman spends his time making dinner at home with his family.

Thankfully for us, we no longer have to wonder what the certified culinarian enjoys for his evening meal. In a recent interview for AARP magazine, Roker shed light on his healthier dinner habits, and we’re making sure to take notes.

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When it comes to his philosophy surrounding food, Al says to “surround yourself with the best food possible.” He goes on to say, “The best food is the freshest food and your local farmer’s market is what provides that.” Al has made a point to visit the farmers market in Hudson, New York for over 20 years, and apart from the “clean, organic food,” he enjoys the camaraderie that comes with meeting the actual people behind the food.

As far as what he actually purchases from the market, Roker says he mostly goes for lots of vegetables, fresh herbs, and fresh-caught fish. “I eat a lot of fish, a lot of chicken, and just olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbs. Just good-quality proteins, lots of great veggies and herbs to elevate the flavor,” he shared with AARP.

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According to the home cook, he and his wife, Deborah Roberts, eat dinner at home four or five nights a week and their usual meal is normally roasted or pan-sautéed. “Sauce takes too much time…I’m all about easy,” says Roker. To finish off his healthy dinner, Al says he normally follows it up with an after dinner walk with his wife.

Regarding dessert, the legendary weatherman typically just has a taste and will more than likely enjoy a treat in moderation. While we 100 percent agree that everything is best in moderation, we’ll probably still indulge in a cookie or two after dinner.

Roker’s healthier eating habits are the product of a stint of hospital visits for blood clots among other things in the past year and we’re happy to see the beloved anchorman is thriving. One thing’s for sure, Al Roker continues to keep us waiting for his next hot take on all things food. And, who knows, maybe he’ll finally give us that new cookbook we’ve been patiently waiting for.

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