‘The Adventures Of Murder Man’: Will Carsola To Direct, Write, And Lend Voice To New Liquid Death Animated Project

EXCLUSIVE: Will Carsola (Mr. Pickles, and Momma Named Me Sheriff) of Liquid Death announced a new animated venture, The Adventures of Murder Man. Carsola will direct, and pen the script along with Mike Cessario. Stew Herrera, Miatta Lebile, Jill Jilbertson, Dave Stewart, and Carsola, will be lending their voices to the project.

The story follows Murder Man, a mysterious vigilante, doing what he does best: wreaking havoc and murdering thirsts with his bloodstained battle ax. With eyeballs for nipples and an aluminum can for a head, The Adventures of Murder Man will uncover how he discovers his past and tries to reunite with his family from before he was forced into becoming a vigilante, by Liquid Death’s CEO.

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The project is produced by Titmouse, the animation studio behind Big Mouth and the Academy Award Nominated Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Titmouse animated titles also include Beavis and Butt-Head, Metalocalypse, and The Venture Bros. The Adventures of Murder Man is also produced by Robbee Jones and Riley Riggen, with Cessario, Carsola, Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski, Ben Kalina, Antonio Canobbio, serving as executive producers.

“A lot of people have asked about Murder Man’s backstory so we decided to make a fake trailer for The Adventures of Murder Man,” said Will Carsola, Creative Director at Liquid Death & Co-Creator of Adult Swim’s Mr. Pickles. “So now we get to know more about Murder Man, but then there’s also the potential that it could become a real show, and after taking a little break from making cartoons, this got me pretty excited about animation again.”

“We loved working with Liquid Death to bring the elusive Murder Man to life,” said Chris Prynoski, President of Titmouse. “This campaign was unique in that it was so creative and narrative-led, eliminating any line between original and brand content to simply be amazing content people can slurp down like a cold and frosty Liquid Death, except with their eyes instead of their throats. With such an iconic figurehead as Murder Man, we had a lot of fun playing around and pushing the boundaries with his backstory. I wish Murder Man was real and he was my best friend.”

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