"This Is What An LGBTQ+ Ally Looks Like": People Are Loving The Way Adele Responded To A Hateful Heckler Who Yelled "Pride Sucks" At Her Vegas Show

We know Adele to be many things: a powerhouse singer, a legendary songwriter, an underrated comedian... One thing she's not? The one.

Adele wearing a grey "Klutch Athletics" hoodie, looking at the camera
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We previously learned this when she addressed the viral and dangerous trend of fans throwing things onstage.

Adele performs on stage wearing a long, elegant black dress, holding a microphone

Holding a T-shirt gun at a show, Adele said, "I fucking dare you. Dare you to throw something at me, and I'll fucking kill you."

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We also saw it when she had to get her own security together for "bothering" one of her fans.

Adele holds her Grammy award on the red carpet, wearing an elegant dress with dramatic ruffled shoulders
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Now, Adele's proved it once more after a heckler screamed an anti-Pride remark last night during her Vegas show.

Adele sits courtside at a basketball game, wearing a cozy sweater and green pants. She is speaking to someone off-camera
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The singer had been talking about performing over the weekend, which marked the first weekend of Pride Month, when the audience member shouted, "Pride sucks!"

Adele on the red carpet in an elegant dress with sheer polka-dot fabric and statement earrings. She is posing with a slight smile
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"What was that? Did you just yell Pride sucks?" Adele immediately and fiercely replied.

Adele performs, holding a microphone close to her mouth, with long, flowing hair and an elegant, off-the-shoulder outfit
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"Did you come to my fucking show and just say that Pride sucks? Are you fucking stupid? Don’t be so fucking ridiculous. If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut up, alright?”

Adele sings passionately into a microphone, wearing an elegant off-the-shoulder evening gown
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The rest of the audience cheered and applauded Adele — and people online praised her, too.

Adele, wearing an elegant, off-the-shoulder dress with large, ruffled sleeves, claps her hands and smiles excitedly
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One person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, "That guy picked the wrong place and the wrong artist to shout that ... You go Adele!"

Adele smiling in an elegant green dress with the Grammy Awards logo in the background
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“That’s mother for you always an ally," said another.

Adele is on stage, wearing a black off-the-shoulder gown with gold accents, holding a microphone, and standing near a white piano
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A third fan mused, "If there’s one thing Adele gon do outside of sing a fucking ballad down, she’s gonna cuss you out!"

Adele holds a Grammy award while wearing an elegant dress with dramatic ruffled shoulders at a CBS and Paramount+ event
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Another fan joked, "gun fingers adele coming out in defence of the gays iktfr," while someone else added, "This is what an LGBTQ+ ally looks like."

Adele, in a sparkly black gown, leans on a white Yamaha piano while smiling. A pianist, dressed in a dark suit, sits beside her during a performance
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An icon, indeed!

Adele gives a thumbs-up while smiling, dressed in a casual black shirt
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View the video here.

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