Add Pizzazz To Your 4th Of July Cookout With These Patriotic Buns

Red and blue burger buns
Red and blue burger buns - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

As the 4th of July creeps closer, it's time to start planning out all of the kitschy ways we can represent our annual showcase of patriotism. From napkins adorned with stars and stripes to the quintessential mixed berry pie with whipped cream — red, white, blue is on full display — except when it comes to the main courses. Hot dogs and burgers are often left out, but with a little bit of food dye, you can easily fix that.

This year, go beyond the sugar cookies and 4th of July desserts to include other colorful foods too. Dying burger buns is a simple way to amp up the Independence Day spirit with a vibrant display. Making your own homemade hamburger buns already helps you tailor the bread to your guests tastes, so adding some food dye in the process never hurts. Gel food dye and food coloring paste are top choices for making brightly hued buns; they give off an intense color and can be added in along with the butter and flour. Start out with one or two teaspoons and increase if needed.

Too much liquid can make dough a little sticky, so you may want to turn to powdered food dye to avoid that. Mix it in with the yeast and water but make sure to only add a small amount. Since it's completely devoid of liquid, powdered food coloring is the most concentrated kind and could result in a color that's too dark if too much is used.

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Add These Ingredients To Burgers For A Patriotic Spin

Burgers with American flag
Burgers with American flag - Rez-art/Getty Images

Aside from the vibrant red and blue buns, there are tons of other ways your burgers can represent the holiday spirit. For a crowd-pleasing burger, whip one up with plenty of blue cheese, minced white onions, and tomatoes or roasted red peppers. The trio brings a combination of tangy, pungent flavors that work especially well with both beef and the earthy, mild sweetness of beetroot powder, one of the best red food coloring substitutes you can use for hamburger buns.

Speaking of something sweet, strawberry or raspberry jam is exactly what your 4th of July burgers need. Sure, the combination sounds a little strange, but hear us out. A bright, fruity glaze always tastes delicious on steak, so why not include it on your burger? Balance the umami flavors of the burger with just the jam alone or combine it with a hint of balsamic vinegar for a sweet, tangy flavor on your blue-bunned burgers. Complete the festive burger with some goat cheese or feta, arugula, and strips of bacon.

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