Add A Kick Of Umami Flavor To Egg Drop Soup With Seaweed

Egg drop soup with seaweed
Egg drop soup with seaweed - xiaoxiao9119/Shutterstock

Egg drop soup is perfect proof that a dish doesn't always need to be elaborate or complicated to be good. Within its simplicity holds the warmth of comfort food and a soothing taste that can effortlessly round out any meal. And when you want to make it more interesting, an extra ingredient or two is more than enough. Need an umami kick for a more flavorful soup? Grab a bag of seaweed and you're already halfway there.

If you're familiar with Asian cuisine, you're probably no stranger to seaweed and its versatility in fitting into almost any dish. In egg drop soups, its distinctively briny, umami taste is a stand-out in the delicate, savory broth. Not only does it give the soup a more intense, exciting touch, but it also adds depth and layers to the typically one-dimensional flavor profile.

Then there's the textural delight that seaweed has to offer. Depending on the type of seaweed that you use, it may range from soft and silky to slightly crunchy and chewy. Whatever it is, the fun is all the same, especially when it's coated in the smooth, luscious broth. It's a satisfying eating experience all around, even more so when backed by hot-off-the-stove warmth.

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A Very Simple, Customizable Addition

A bowl of nori seaweed
A bowl of nori seaweed - Viktorya Telminova/Shutterstock

Adding seaweed to your egg drop soup hardly requires any extra effort. The seaweed can go straight into the simmering broth right before you drizzle in the beaten eggs. Depending on which you choose, some dried seaweeds may need to be rehydrated before hitting the pot. As for the varieties, there are quite a few to choose from, but the two most common ones for egg drop soup are zicai (also known as nori) seaweed and wakame. Opt for the first if you like a slightly chewy, textured bite with a savory-laden taste. Wakame, on the other hand, is more subtle and mildly sweet, with a silky smooth and flat surface.

Although seaweed is already quite amazing, it could always use some company if you want to amp up the soup even further. Wonton, as strange as it may sound, makes a lovely addition if you want to turn this light side soup into a filling main course. Pulling inspiration from Chinese cuisine, dried baby shrimp is excellent for briny, sweet pops of flavor. On the simpler side, you've got tofu, which is always perfect for those who like something soft and crumbly. For an even richer umami taste, however, look no further than mushrooms. With strips of wood ear or shiitake mushrooms dancing in the bowl alongside the seaweed, your egg drop soup has never looked better.

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