Former Home and Away star on why she lived with her ex for two years

Actress Christie Hayes has revealed she stayed living with her ex-husband for years after they split.
Actress Christie Hayes has revealed she lived with her ex-husband for years after they split. Photo: Instagram

Longtime Home and Away star Christie Hayes has revealed why she continued to live with her ex-husband for nearly two years after they broke up.

Christie and her ex, Daniel White, share two sons aged four and three, and decided to stay under the same roof for them.

"While I think that's a noble thing to do for a certain amount of time, I don't think there's any glory in just staying together,” she told Stellar.

Although she says they have nothing but love for each other, she was relieved when they went public with their split a year ago.

“It was the most liberating feeling when I finally came out because the reality is that Daniel and I slept in separate beds.”

Christie, 32, played Kirstie Phillips on the popular soap from 2000 to 2009 and will soon return to TV with her upcoming role on Neighbours set to air later this year.

She’s juggling the new spot, which she’s currently filming, with radio hosting duties on Illawarra's i98fm.

In April last year, Christie told Instagram followers of her split with Daniel, revealing that living separately was part of ‘a lot of welcome changes’.

"Daniel and I went our separate ways quite a while back now,” she wrote, adding they stayed living together to keep the “boys are both our priority”.

“We were strictly flatmates in every way for over a year and a half, and ladies you have to know your worth and not settle for anything less than happiness!”

Christie’s children are only 11 months apart, which means for one month year year, they are the same age.

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