The Absolute Best Way To Reheat That Leftover Fried Fish

fried fish and lemon
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There are countless varieties of fish you should try at least once, not least because seafood is both infinitely customizable and delicious. And if you find yourself with an abundance of fried fish after a feast, you'll need a tried-and-true method for reheating the food. In this case, the oven is best for reheating those crispy fish dishes while simultaneously retaining their flavor and texture.

Reheating fish in the oven is straightforward. Arrange the fillet on a parchment-lined baking sheet (to prevent sticking), and place it in a 350-degree Fahrenheit oven. While the heating time depends on the size of the fish, you can expect it to take 15 minutes or less. However, be sure to flip the fish to heat it evenly. Keep in mind that thicker, fattier fish fillets fare best when reheated. If you're dealing with something leaner, such as trout, maintaining a moist inner texture is more challenging when reheating.

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To Cover Or Not To Cover

woman putting dish in oven
woman putting dish in oven - Okrasyuk/Getty Images

If your fish is not fried, then covering it as you reheat it offers two key benefits. Placing a sheet of aluminum foil over the fillet on the baking sheet keeps it nice and moist, especially in the middle, which tends to dry out in the oven. That's because the foil traps moisture and prevents it from evaporating, creating a deliciously tender texture. Covering fish while reheating it in the oven can also keep any unavoidable fishy odors under wraps.

However, the best method to use depends on the style of fish you're reheating. For breaded or fried fish, you're better off placing it in the oven uncovered. By allowing moisture to evaporate, you can create a crispier exterior texture. This is a good option if you want to enjoy a tasty takeout meal — such as one of the top-ranked fast-food fish sandwiches — the next day.

Tips On Enhancing The Flavor Of Reheated Fish

man squeezing lemon on food
man squeezing lemon on food - Vladimir Vladimirov/Getty Images

If you're worried that your reheated fish may be a little bland, incorporating seasonings can create a bolder, more impactful flavor. Dill has a fresh, citrusy flavor with mild hints of sweetness, which means it adds flavor to fish without overwhelming it. Other fish-friendly pairings to consider when reheating include mint, tarragon, and even parsley, which has many uses outside of being a common garnish.

Of course, you can't go wrong by spritzing the fish with a bit of lemon juice, which introduces the right amount of sour tartness to the dish. You can also use certain condiments and sauces, such as a honey-based glaze for some sweetness, or horseradish sauce for a bit of bite. Tartar sauce — which is good for more than just fish — is another classic pairing to consider. Similar to lemon juice, its tanginess is an excellent complement to fried fish dishes, whether you're enjoying them for the first time or reheating them the day after.

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